some sketches

just put up a myspace page to show some sketches & shorts (when I finish any) Right now just a few roughs. As I finish segments of the piece I’ll be sure to post them & hopefully sooner than later I’ll have a real webpage to show them on, but for now myspace will do.

Just added a bunch of storyboard sketches, about 21 in total. I’m anxious for some feedback, especially from anyone with real storyboarding experience. I’ve got the general idea (I think), but I’m sure there are plenty of things I could improve upon.
Anyway, any & all comments would be much appreciated, check it out:

just edited original post, I thought it would bump it, but anyway, please check the above link, I have posted a bunch of storyboard sketches & am looking for any kind of feeback people have to offer.
I’m curious how my idea of a storyboard compares with someone’s with experience.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Kdog,

Looking good. You seem to have everything planned up now (or almost). The only thing I could see being added for the moment is the timing of the scene to have a general idea of how long scenes will be (unless it is already at the right timing). Else then that everything seems to be there.

Best regards,


Thanks Ugo :slight_smile:
Like I said its my first attempt, but I think it will serve its purpose. I only have about 8 more sketches to complete & that step will be finished.

About the timing… do you mean just a little note or something saying how much time will transpire between each sketch? or where each sketch is on the overall timeline of the animation?

Hi kdog,

Usually every pannel should have a note about how much time the panel will take to go through. This will be helpfull when you will be creating your animatic to have a good feeling of the flow of the animation. Though be aware that this is not a final timing but rather the first draft of what it should be like. It will most likely change when you will get your sound recorded but it will give you a good hint about how fast a character should speak for the animation to flow correctly.

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Thanks for the tip. I’ve been doing something similar in that I made timing notes along my script as opposed to the sketches themselves, and then labeled each sketch # in the margin of my script, so I have a pretty good idea of the duration each sketch will represent. (just that noone else does :P)

I guess I have most of the needed information, its just spread out between my script & the actual sketches at the moment. I do appreciate the tip though, it will definitely help me to stay more organized than I have been.