Some of my drawing substitutions have a different pivot position in the camera view than the others.

I have this rig that I’ve been working on throughout my scenes, adding drawing substitutions as I go. I just realized that two of my “Front Pupil” substitutions have a different Pivot position than the others, causing them to be in the wrong position in the camera view. What’s worse is when I go make an empty drawing it’s on the wrong pivot position! The only way around it that I know of is to duplicate one my substitutions that has the correct pivot position and use that as my new drawing substitution. I’m pretty sure I understand the differences between drawing view and camera view. It’s the drawing pivot and the relation with the pegs and substitutions that I can’t wrap my head around. Does this have to do with the “Apply Embedded Pivot on Parent Peg”? How can I make all my substitutions have the same pivot position?

Hi Hexdur,

I had similar experiences when I started rigging. The first thing I had to learn is: Drawing layers are only for containing the drawings, not for animating. Peg layers are for animating.
I work a lot with substitutions and the pivot of the drawing is less interesting when you put every drawing in its own peg. In this case you need only to set one pivot (the pivot of the peg). But attention: you can not move the pivot of the peg with the pivot-tool (this moves the pivot only temporarily). You need to use the move-tool of the advanced animation tools. This moves the pivot permanently (just grab it and move it where you want).
For a first aid I would try to copy the frame with the correct pivot and paste special on the frame with the wrong pivot. Just updating, not excange the exposure.
I wondered if using a peg for every drawing layer brings me to an unusable rig. If you use the animate/transformation tool without setting the option “select peg” you get sometimes the peg, sometimes the drawing. But today I found that this seperation of functionality is the best way to get a straight system into the rig.
I would recommend you to watch some tutorials:
The rigging tutorial from Jon Taylor:
And everything from Frank Summers:
These tutorials helped me to find my way. By the way: thank you Jon and Frank :wink:
Hope this helps you

Thanks for taking the time to answer Steven, it seems I accidentally may have moved my pivot while creating new substitutions making the wrong pivot the new permanent pivot. I actually watched Jon Taylor’s rigging tutorials too! I didn’t quite understand the reasoning on why he was moving the pivots the first time and just followed along and glossed over it, looks like I need a refresher. Thanks again!