Some objects change position when I change pivotpoint

Hello together!

We purchased Toon Boon Animate today and I watched some tutorials yet.
I made a character in Illustrator before and imported the parts as editable vector-graphics.
Now I arranged them to fit together and wanted to make a hierarchie and set the pivot points, like in some tutorials and the documentation.

Here I experienced two very confusing and annoying problems:
1. Some objects change position and scale when I parent them to another.
2. Some objects change position and scale when I change the pivotpoint.
This happens not with every object…

I couldn’t find any differences between objects with this problem and the ones without.

I’m really annoyed with this, so I hope someone can help me :wink:


I had approximately the same problem because I changed a position of a pivot in the frame xx of a layer.

For example, I had a bird moving on a layer, from frame 1 to 40, and stay motionless to the end.(frame 200 for ex)
BUT, on the frame 100, I added another bird on this layer at frame 100, and animate it. (By repositioning the pivot on this new bird). This bird is moving correctly, but the first one is far away from its initial position…
One layer, one pivot?..

Thanks, Lilly!
That’s good to know :wink:

Well you describe how you “Arranged them to fit together”. Did you use the Transform tool to do this? When you use the Transform tool, it creates a transformation on the layer. And when you parent layers together, one layer inherits the transformations of the parent layer.

If you want to resize and rearrange drawings, instead of using the Transform tool, use the Select tool. Only use the Transform tool when you want to animate objects.

To correct it, first remove all keyframes with F7. Then select the layers and do an Animation > Reset All.

Then you can resize and reposition layers with the select tool, set the pivots with the pivot tool, and do the hierarchy.

Hope this helps!


To Fred, it’s one drawing, one pivot. So if you just copy and paste the bird, and it’s the same actual drawing, then the pivot would be moved on both of the birds when you move it later in the timeline.

If you want to have two different pivot points, then you could put a pivot point on the bird in the beginning of the timeline. Then, when you show the bird later, select the drawing and do a Duplicate Drawing on it. Now if you move the pivot, it moves it on this drawing only and won’t affect the first instance.