some newbie questions

I just came from toon boom studio and animate is way different from my perspective, so I have a couple of questions, how do you make a new scene?

Next, whenever I put something in the library it doesn’t show up when I’m doing another animation.

also, I have a walk cycle animation of a cut out puppet, I put the walk cycle in the library, but when I try to take some out of the library it says that I can’t, what I want to do is keep taking them out of the library so I can make a bunch of them walking but it won’t let me, is there a way to fix this?

Please answer as many as you can.

have a look at the post in tips and tricks from lilly on scene managment. It is very different in animate.

As for your problem, are putting your templates in the scene libaray or the global. You should be putting them in the global and saving as a template. (you will need to right click and choose right to modify)

how do you put things in global, I dont see global anywhere

are you using pro or standard.

In pro it is named “Animate pro library” by default.

But if you look in the library it shuold be easy to see cause it has an “!” mark by it until you select right to modify.

I dont have pro just regular animate all I see in my library is symbols, animate library (which Im not allowed to put anything in it) and palletes,

try right clicking on Animate library and selecting right to modify.

Then you will be able to put things into it :slight_smile:

You can’t access anything that you put in the Symbols library in another scene. The Symbols are native to that scene only, so anything that you put in the Symbols library will not be available in a new scene.

When you want to make something available in a new scene, you need to create a template. As TheRaider said, right-click and select “Right to Modify” and then you can drag-and-drop things into this library, which will be available in other scenes.

You should take a breeze through the User Guide (available in the Help menu under Help…) to familiarise yourself with the differences in Animate.

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Alright thanks for the answers but I still can’t figure out how to make a new scene, I dont see a tips and tricks about scene management;action=display;threadid=1886