Some more requests...

Am loving working with Animate Pro.

I have a few more suggestions that would really improve productivity.

1. If something is selected in either camera or drawing view, it would be great if, as in many other programs around, when zooming in (⌘ + =) we actually hone in on what is selected. A real time saving tip.

2. A simple time-saving mouse-avoiding request. Being a Mac user, generally when executing a command, by pressing the “Return” key is the same as clicking on “OK” with the mouse.

However this is inconsistent throughout Animate Pro.

For example, in the colour picker, pressing “Return” toggles between single wheel and multiple wheel mode as one would expect given the appearance of the buttons (actually, an “OK” keyboard shortcut to exit the colour picker would be more helpful I think for this particular window).

But when deleting a layer, pressing the “-” key brings up a window with the usual “cancel” and “OK” options but you have to click with the mouse on the “OK” button to verify the command. Pressing “return” in disabled.

Please let me know if i’ve missed something…

Cheers and thanks for a great product!