some issues on morphing (Help Need Support)

hi first of all thanks toon boom best program i ever used in animation blow flash away :o :o keep it up ,

So i have some problems in using morphing options specific (Vanishing Point Hint & Appearing Point Hint) i’ll explain my steps so u could tell me what i have done wrong

1-creat new drawing layer .
2-grap the ellipse tool and detemine colours of outline (Black) and the fill(Blue).
3- then checked on auto fill in tool properities and auto flatten .
4- draw the circle on first frame of the layer
5- on frame 10 i extend the exposure (press F5)
6-then creat empty drawing at frame 10.


7-then i grap morph tool then changing the option of the hint type to Vanishing Point Hint .

8-then when i click inside the circle the Black strock gone away i don’t know why .

and the morphing works great but without the stroke just the Bluse circle only i dont know where the stroke gone !!!

same problem on Appearing Point Hint

this is first problem ;

2nd one

at page of 288 of the user guide there is an option called

Insert Morphing Key Drawing

in morphing Menu i think there is a problem here because i don’t find it as well i follow the steps but No it dosen’t exist in the menu !!!

thank you ;sorry for my bad English

Hi, I tried to do what you did. The first time I was also missing the black outline. But the second time it worked. I am not exactly sure what I did differently the second time but I did it again a third time and it still worked.

Here are the steps I took:

1. In Drawing View, I created an empty drawing on Frame 1.
2. Using the ELIPSE tool I drew a circle with black pencil, then filled it blue
3. I go to Frame 10 and create an empty drawing.
4. I select Frames 1 to 10 and "create morphing"
5. Then I go to frame 1, click on the Morphing tool (left menu) added a Vanishing Point hint right in the middle. I go to Frame 10 and the hint is in the same place… I don’t touch it.
6. I go to Camera View and scrub the timeline and it works. The black outline is still there in the inbetweens.

Second question:
I see what you mean - I also don’t have the “Inset Morphing Key Drawing” option. (??) It seems that you can only convert ALL the morphing frames into drawings.

hi Lili Chin
wow it’s worked for you bad luck for me then i think you left the hint point

i think the problem in the pencil outline cause i try with the brush works great but need two vanish point one for the fill and one for the outline .

the pencil also no luck get away ( disappear )

the second solution i have use key frame without any hint point from morphing options and work great also .

i have made a little presentation that explain the problem and the 2 solutions that i figured out wish it be helpful to you .( the link is swf rigth click and save as )

for second problem this feature exists in Digital pro that allow me to insert morphing key drawing which is amazing one i don’t know how they put this in the user guide and it doesn’t t exists .
by the way there is little things that written on the user guide didn’t work correctly such as when i open the template in the library as folder when i grape the pallet to color list view didn’t work you must import it through the color list .

although when you import a model(in the Model view) and use eye dropper to choose color the "user guide " didn’t mention that you must import its color pallet to the color list so the eye dropper recognize the color selected by it . so i get confused and didn’t know what is the fault here came from ?!! me or from the "user guide "

hope these things be explained correctly

thank you

2nd thought Where Is the Support!!!

Hi! These are known issues which will be fixed in an upcoming patch :

1.) Stroke disappears while morphing with vanishing point.
Work-around: a.) you can convert the stroke to brush; note that the shape may change if reverted back to pencil afterward - it’s best to test it first.
b.) try adding a brush line on the frame where you want to add a vanishing point to a stroke.

2.) Animate’s Help System describes function: Insert a Morphing Keyframe; which is not currently in Animate.

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