Some Ideas

Hello some ideas for future requests:

  1. If I want to use the transparency effect on the timeline I wish you add keyframes and animation ability, right now it is just a fixed number.
  2. Pivot must be able to snap to the center of an object
  3. Better alignment and spacing tools like you have in Adobe’s tools
  4. A group object can act like a symbol to be edit easier like in Adobe Illustrator and Flash
  5. Write notes on the soundtrack (timeline column) for better analyzing the voice acting for lip-sync
  6. Kinematic output should be a switch on a node and not a separate node to ease it up on the node view (like you did with the cutter and masking)
  7. Better control over colors. Have colors a Blend Mode option, a Brightness and Contrast and Hue and Saturation option.
  8. Add the option to double click on an object to get higher on the hierarchy and not just a key shortcut

I love Toonboom ! Thanks !

Thank you for all of your suggestions Zhuratoons!

upvote your post! very clever suggestions

First of all, the transparency node does include keyframe function. You can create keyframes on the timeline and edit them using the function editor.
And what do you need symbols for? If you’re talking about drawing substitutions it’s there. Everything you draw is saved in a library. If you’re talking about rig turnarounds, you can use the master controller system. It applies to drawings too ya know.
Also, there is a node that enable blend modes. It’s called blending node.
You really need to learn more about the software before asking for features that are already there or are equivalent to what you want.