Some first comments of new user

Hi all, just started using Toon Boom Storyboard since today. Nice, simple app that sticks to the basics and doesn’t get in the way. Overall I’m very happy with it.I do have a few remarks though:1. The interface doesn’t retain a lot of its settings between sessions which really hinders the workflow. eg:2. Flipping a selection horizontally or vertically doesn’t work. It always flips everything in the layer. I’m guessing this is a bug unless I’m missing something.3. The manual shows a handle specifically for rotating that sticks out of the side. On my machine this doesn’t appear. I can still rotate a selection but finding the spot to do so is a bit difficult.4. It would be great to be able to reset the canvas rotation by double clicking on the canvas while holding down the Command+Alt buttons.PowerPC G5 Mac OS X 10.5.8 running Toon Boom Storyboard v8.6.1 Build 4709

Thanks for your remarks!1. Will pass these on to the R&D team as a feature request.2. Works for me here. I’m also using 4709. I make a selection with the select tool, then I right click and select Flip Selection Horizontally - only the selected part of the drawing flips. Is this what you’re doing?3. Indeed the manual differs from the software here. You have to just position the cursor diagonally away from one of the corners and the rotation option becomes available.4. You can reset the view by going to View > Reset View. There’s also a quick-key for this. You can reset the quick-key to whatever you want in the Preferences. Go to the Shortcuts tab, then in the dropdown menu select the View menu. Select the item for Reset View. You can now create a new shortcut by clicking on the box to the right under the “Shortcut” section of the dialog.Hope some of this helps!

  1. Cool. Thanks.2. That is exactly what I’m doing. I realised now that it only happens when using my pen on my Wacom. Somehow it seems to loose the selection in the process.3. The little handle would be nicer I have to say.4. Oh I know about the way to reset it. It’s just that resetting it with a double-click would feel like the natural thing right here. the double click is not being used for anything else.