Some feedback.

First I’d like to mention that Harmony 9.2 is a major paradigm shift in animation at least for our small unit. To be able to play with 3d and 2d in the same window is remarkable. Though it does push our hardware to its limits.

There is one problem with working with *.obs files:
I’ve been hammering Harmony stand alone 9.2 on my HP Z800 12 core 2.44ghz 24Gb RAM nvidia Quadro 4000, Windows Ultimate 64bit, and my MacPro (early 2009) 8 core 2.26 26GB of RAm nvidia Quadro 4000 OSX 10.6.8.

They both have crashed due to memory issues or swap-page file corruptions while rendering up a fairly straightforward Maya 2012 *.obs file.

The problems with stability are mainly resolved by contracting…making smaller… the Harmony window while it renders. It seems to have not enough VRAM-CPU power on my HP Z800 to keep the window rendered at full screen while rendering the scene.

The Maya file is not complex but does have a lightweight *.psd file mapped around it.

I am not an expert at Maya 2012 nor in using Toon Boom Animation software but there seems to be a memory leak or some such. To resolve some crashes due to memory by minimizing the Harmony windows is peculiar but suggest it’s trying to render 1 for 1…maybe?

Everything else is working without a hitch and with great tech support I have been able to finish a lot of 3D scenes for compilation and begin to create a 30 minute non narrative animation. A kind of modern Fantasia…I hope. Still early days.

Harmony 9.2 has encouraged us to create to the limits of our hardware, software and beyond what we had dared to dream was possible in such a small shop. Harmony is major paradigm shift. it is impossible to hype this product: it’s that good.

Sorry got back this late but as to your question about memory loss.

Memory loss and kernel panics in the Quadro 4000 cross Window and OSX platforms, are when I export to movie but sometimes also when I render one frame in the preview mode.

The software is great but I think I am stressing it. I typically have an AI file one five or six layer, then a .osb file to render thru Maya and then several layers drawn directly plus a movie import vectorized and image sequence all at 1920X1080 …it’s a lot…I think.

I’m so glad for your feedback! It’s really neat to see what people can do with the technology.

When you’re rendering, are you rendering through Maya softrender? When you’re rendering OpenGL frames, then it takes into account the size of your window I believe, but if you’re rendering your project through the 3D script module, then it should actually render through the outside renderer at the project resolution.

Are you experiencing the memory loss when you’re rendering multiple frames at once (i.e. movie export) or when doing individual frames?