SOME feature for Cut-out Animation/RIG

I used to do animation software like Moho, After effect, … and found them useful for cutout animation very handy. But they had one feature I didn’t like, they didn’t change the frames by drawing directly on convenient layers like toonboom, so I decided to switch to TBHarmony.
But I have a problem: using the rig character of toonboom is not really fast, to say it is quite long, very difficult to do for beginners.

I think harmony needs the following features:

  1. IK contraint: for example, when I want to pull the character’s hips down, the legs will fall down automatically and the feet will still land.

  2. Copy / paste Action: I have some actions like winking (5 frames), walking (10 frames), … and want to use it on other projects without really wanting to go back to the first import project and copy it (it takes a lot of operations), instead, I think it needs an Action saving table (coordinates of points, scale, rotaion, … frames … that I want to save, like Moho or DuikImExport in After effect) Just select the action you want, double click, that’s it)

  3. FreeFormDeformerAdvance: Can Kinematic Output / or create Parent for each point, For example, I have 1 rectangle plugged 4 points at 4 corners, 2 points below connected with 2 pins, 2 points above connected with 2 hands. When I move a hand, it will drag to the point of the Freeform that I have connected to it.

  4. Visible Peg (same as null layer in After Effect)
    … And more: D