Some character sketches in Animate 2

This is supposed to be controversial radio talk show host Bubba the Love Sponge. I have been drawing many celebs lately so I can hopefully make some parody videos in the near future.

This one was done as an experiment with Brush sizes. I used a brush size of 1.8 for both of these pics.

I especially like the first one. On the 3/4 view view personally I like to leave the top of the arm open a little if you know what i mean.

Is the last one a sketch for Eric?

thanks, the last one is a very rough sketch of the Viking village, the girl standing their is not part of the story. I just drew her randomly.

What I was trying to do with these sketches is figure out the right size brushes for me to work with. I have always struggled keeping a consistent line weight in Animate, cause I can never remember what size I was using. I figured out that I can use the same technique I used for drawing comic books. That is using a very thin line for both rough and finishes 1.8 to be exact seems to be the right one for me. That allows me to maintain good line work. Of course, I would clean these up a lot more for the final version.

I was going to say she looked very different to your other eric characters!

Some early designs for a possible hardboiled Detective short. You know, I just might go through this one. ::slight_smile:

I don’t care much for the body. That said if it was a fit for the art style it might look really good. I can’t think of any off the top of my head but there are some who have done that super exagerated style and it works really well when you see everything but I never like any of it individually. Maybe i’m not a visionary lol.

I love the head. So much character. It is very memorable. I am actually doing a police/detective right now and your head makes me hate mine.

I like the smoking head the best. I think he looks better without the glasses and the pained look.

Thanks for your honest opinion, as always they start out with a punch in the belly then a Tylenol, LOL.

I am still playing around with the body a little bit. Although, the only major change I might make are the pants. Maybe a bit baggier
and a little more high water.

This wacky cartoon style has always given me fits to be honest with you. The only way I can pull it off without having it look to stiff, is if I grab a pen and paper and just go nuts, without thinking of construction or anything like that. It is also a must that I start with the nose.
If I try to do it the conventional way it simply will not work.

I chose this style because this character does not have many expressions, except the Poker Face.

If you ever need any for character designs ideas let me know, I would be glad to help…

Be careful what you offer. I might take you up on it!

Also i realised i wasn’t that clear. When I said body I should of said legs, cause the upper body looks cool.

Sorry Raider I’m going to have to disagree with you on this one!
I personally love the proportions of his body, including his legs. I really dig this stylized look Alex, would love to see some more.

Thanks dessiebaby, you just might see more cause I am moving ahead with this project. I love the script that a gentleman by the name of Phil Clarke Jr wrote, and he loved the design of the detective, so he agreed to let me produce it.

I am working out the apartment, and building scene layouts in google’s sketchup, which is something I have been thinking of doing for a while.

Lets see what happens:)

The 2nd panel is my first result from using Google sketchup to layout the Bg’s. Other than sizing/proportional issues, which is not much of a problem cause I will fix that when I take this into Animate, I think Google sketchup works for this sort of thing.

I faked the camera guides in Photoshop, but I think they would look something like this, because I want the camera to start with a bit of a closeup of the Coat Rack, and then kind of fade away towards the detective to give the illusion of depth/distance in the 2nd panel.


I like the concept for the city. I want to see the finished. What is the circle squiggle at the top meant to be?

I think the room looks a little cluttered at the moment, but the way you have designed it you could definitly use multiplane to create that depth you are looking for. Cause you can’t see the wall near the door you can put the door on a plane further back and put the table close and it will look awesome.

The squiggly circle on top is going to be a big neon sign. Although I might change it and pan up from the street. I am eager to draw those 40’s vehicles.

I see what you are saying about the clutter, but you are right on point with using multiplane. I absolutely had multiplane in mind for this layout, and maybe some blur for the foreground elements to make it seem out of focus.

I am thinking of panning down from the cieling fan which I think would be a great shot. These panels where done to convince or prove to myself that I can do this sort of thing using Sketchup and Animate. Now that I know I can, I could really start choosing my shots. Would be nice to have storyboard to do the animatics with camera movement.

Thanks for the feedback.

I thought you won Storyboard for your second best animation you entered in the contest (yeah I still way prefered the star wars one :slight_smile: ).

For the street view if you are doing it before entering the building I think maybe starting with a wide shot and zooming in would be best. That way you can see neon sign and cars :). But i also think it really works for making it clear to the viewer you are now in that building.

I did win Storyboard, but not Pro. Storyboard does not have camera movement and you cannot import audio.

To tell you the truth I just upgraded to Sketch Pro 6 and I am doing them in their, and then going to import them into storyboard so I can print out the PDF and Define start and end camera positions.

I agree with you on doing the wide shot and zoom is probably the best way to go about it.

I’m getting some good auditions sent to me from the voice acting club for the role of the Detective Nick Branson.

So most of the pieces are in place, the music is probably going to be a little jazz/blues for the opening scene, then a few suspense bits here and their. Let’s see how it goes.

Here’s a a few more attempts, the last one is not in order and it kind of sucks… matter of fact they all suck:-<br />

Thanks for the compliment and feed back lilly, it’s like an adrenaline shot coming from you.

I do like to be very detailed and clean, but I realize that in a real world environment, with deadlines, that is not always a good thing. These examples are actually loose for me. I usually would get in their and draw the details for every window, brick and cloud.

Funny you should mention perspective cause as you where posting this comment here, I was posting the need for more tools to tackle perspective in the wish list forum.

I know we can use the line tool and maybe even the polygon to create our perspective lines, but it is not as efficient as having a ruler.

Hey if it where flash i would say “awe well lines it is”, but toonboom has raised the bar when it comes to efficiency so now we expect it for everything. We are spoiled … yes we are;)

They should be really sketchy. I think they are good, and show what you want things tot be like.

I look at the southpark ones and they are really really light on detail. Often just basic shapes and key features.

I think putting too much effort in is wasting your time. That is the whole point of it.

I look at mine and they are pretty dodgy. But they work for me.

I partly disagree with the “they should be sketchy” statement. As Lilly mentioned above some go a little sketchy some go for the cleaner look. I don’t think there is a set Rule that states it MUST be sketchy. I looked on several storyboard artists sites, mainly Mark Simon’s, and I did notice the disparity between the work of many of the artist. some just scribble and others are super detailed.

I do agree that investing to much time in every single panel will hurt you in the long run, that I will learn to do with practice.

I probably used the wrong word.

When i said sketchy, i meant lacking all detail. In my opinion you can have clean sketches and messy ones. For me I use clean ones.

I feel the more detail you put in, the more emtionally involved you get with the scene and the less you want to change things.

By using very basic shapes you couldn’t care less if you change things.

There is research to back this up on general design processes, although not in the animation area specifically, i am sure it applies.

I think the people that do super detailled storyboards probably start out that way and once they settle put the details on and then use it to trace.