some animate pro questions/gripes...


is it possible to automatically set the outputfilenames so they reflect the scene-name?

right now i always have to manually enter the scene name into the output module(s), which is pretty inconvenient/time consuming if you have MANY clips to render, like i have to.

maybe there is some string one could enter to generate the apropriate filename? like $n_preview and $n_final or something?

also: is there a shortcut to …
…protect/unprotect a colour?
…change the brushsize?
…to switch between different sub-tools (paint unpainted, repaint, paint under, etc)

is it possible to define a shortcut to set exposure to more than 1,2 and 3 ?
as an ex-animo user im used to be able to do exposures up to 8 via<br />ctrl+1 thru 8.<br /><br />is it possible to switch nodes on and off in the timeline/xsheet?<br />is there a way to re-order layers during a scene (like with the "order-node" in animo)<br /><br />also: in the network view i dont get any previews. the little screens are always empty/crossed. even when manually re-rendered. maybe im doing something wrong... im still learning.

and finally… :slight_smile:
why is the vectorization preview so miniscule and non-resizeable? why no scrolling with the middle mousebutton? just scrollbars? thats very inconvenient. this way you never can see the whole picture at 100% to finetune the vectorization settings. only a tiny little piece :’( its like looking through a keyhole :)<br /><br />dont get me wrong - i LOOOVE the software! it`s just a little bit frustrating when you hit some seemingly unnecessary obstacles.

thanks for any hints!

to change the brush size hold down the O (letter) key and drag your mouse left or right (there is a second method i’ll post later)

Paint Unpainted on Windows is Alt+Y
Repaint is Alt+R
Eraser Alt+E
Brush Alt+B

(In some cases omitting the Alt modifier key, temporarily sets your tool to another so long as it is being held. This is to save time)

To see a list of shortcuts go to Edit → Preferences → Shortcut Tab

For better or worse, please note that the hotkeys are specific to the panel that is considered the active panel. For example, in the drawing panel, the x key temporarily enables to repaint brush tool, but in the xsheet panel, it inserts a blank cell.

The active panel is the panel with the red border. You can set a panel active by either clicking in it, or by setting a preference option so that the panel your mouse hovers over automatically becomes the active panel (some people love it, some people hate it).

You can always change the default hotkeys by the way.

As far as exposures go, you can set this a couple of ways (not exactly like you point out though, but I;ll post more on this topic later)

Set the exposure of a selected drawing by :
a) enter the exposure number in the little text box next to the keyword “exp” at the far bottom right
b) or by dragging the red arrow that appears on he right-side of the xsheets cell slot

In Animate Pro, hiding the column de-activates it in the network panel.
The Column lister also allows you to hide and reveal columns. This is tucked away under a collapseable pane. There also a window for managing columns I believe.

The two, hiding and disabling, werent always tied together or in tandem.

As for ordering nodes, I heard people talk about this feature in animo. If I understood it correctly, moving a node eastward in the network automatically moved the level in the xsheet as well. But this might not be what you mean. I am told that there was a node, somewhat like a switch node, that was more like a composite node that behave as if it had dynamic port ordering or something. But Im not altogether sure, so could you describe how the node functioned

As for the vectorization, yep I also feel the same way. Would be nice to be able to use a glove tool to pan or even a bigger view. I havent checked recently though.

Here you go. A basic script that when ran will substitute $SCN in all read nodes with whatever Animate Pro considers to be the name of the scene.

copy and paste the code below to a plain text file using notepad or text edit and save it somewhere. Import the text script using the script editor tool icons (normally hidden by default–right click on an empty spot on the main toolbar to see a list. The script editor toolbar icons are the fancy/flourish letter “f” icons. The first one launches the script editor. From there go to file->import. Once the script has been embedded into Animate Pro, load it to your tool bar (with the double-sided arrow icon). This is a one time set-up. Dont forget to save your workspace. Please note, If you need more help consult the script reference pdf)

Anyone is welcome to modify the script as any see fit.

Thank you for the quick replies!

your hint with the X for repaint in drawing mode is a big help. unfortunately the button in the tool properties doesnt get depressed (indicating its state) until you actually paint :/ ..else i propably wouldve found it myself :slight_smile:

the exposure things you mentioned i knew. what i miss (being spoiled from animo in this regard) is a way to directly set exposures by shortcuts. but its not that bad. needs just getting used to i guess.<br /><br />as to the other things:<br /><br />maybe i wasnt clear (english not being my native language and all… :slight_smile: )
what i meant: is there a way to switch nodes on or off at specific times.
again, coming from animo, there was an “on/off-node” by which you could switch elements on or off at specific times in the xsheet. to temporarily disable an effect for example, or to hide stuff. not in the network but during rendering. i know you can animate the parameters in different effects, but with this you could switch off entire hirarchies for a defined period in the scene.

the “order-node” i refererred to could, in effect, nudge layers forward or backward during the scene (or completely re-order them frame by frame if necessary). like you wrote it would be a composite node where you dynamically can change the port order throughout the scene.
this comes in very handy if the layout you have to work with is… lets say…“creative” :-X :-<br />
unfortunately the script you posted doesnt seem to work.<br />i followed your steps, but when i click its button it doesn`t seem to do anything.
i have 2 write nodes in my scenes (one preview, one final output) but neither had its output filename changed. i also tried adding a brandnew write node with the same result.

btw: is there a way to set a default renderpath which gets used in all scenes? so i could render to a different drive than the scenes reside on?

thank you for all your help!

Hi janusjg,

I am posting the script above that will report what it is doing on the Message Log window. Import it (or first remove the old script and icon tool button if youd like and then import). Then enable debug mode in Animate Pro menu (Help → Debug Mode). Add the message log panel tab and run the script below. Post the report.

Off the top of my head, make sure the keyword $SCN is in capitals, avoid spaces (for testing purposes), and there is one limitation the script has (for the sake of simplicity), the write node must be a the Top level: that is, it should not be inside a group node.

In any case the above report should help me determine what the problem might be.

Sorry, about the confusion regarding the re-order node. Im used to thinking as the switching capability (switching as in railroad track switching) and re-ordering (as in reordering a stack) as separate nodes. It is something I am so wanting to do lately because as of now I sometimes resort to the fade/transparency node to sometimes pull this trick off (were basically you use either the value 0 or 100%–nothing in between, unless that is you are mimicking LOD). Ihave something in the works, I’ll keep you posted.

You can actually pull this off with a script. But also another approach some people like is being able to just enter the drawing numbers here and there on the xsheet and having the gaps automatically become held values (of the nearest drawing).

You also have the Sequence Fill window (Ctrl+M) if most of your level will be on twos, etc

be careful though, Ive seen this taunt people (not noticing the xsheet panel was active and accidentally changing the timing on the xsheet)

hi hjperez,

im so sorry - it was my stuuupid mistake - the script DOES actually work!<br />i didnt put in the $SCN variable in the write nodes…duh :-[

your script will save me TONS of time! many thanks again!
i will put it in my customized template scenes and never have to type the filenames ever again - yeah! ;D

im in the middle of transitioning from animo to animatepro and little by little im trying to optimize my workflow around the new software.
your script was a big step forward!
thanks! :smiley:

i just realized… if i enter my renderpath in my template scenes’ write modules also, the “default renderpath” problem is gone too 8)

hey janusjg,

you may also find the supplied TB_sceneOpened.qsa useful.