[SOLVED]Tpl Import Issue

Hi there,

I have an issue with the import/export of .tpl.
After finishing my RIG, I drag and drop my master to make a .tpl and when I import it, all layer have moved, see the screen below:


Original RIG:

Someone have an idea?

Are you saving the rig template with a Peg?

Yes I have a Master Peg and I drag’n’drop it to my folder.

Something here in Lilly of Toon Boom’s post may be relevant and helpful. She is talking about Animate Pro but a lot is shared with Harmony.:

"When you create a template in Animate Pro, make sure that you select the character group in the Network view, hit copy, then paste this into the library. Also make sure you have a keyframe on the first frame on all layers to preserve the layer order.

If you select instead the frames in the timeline, when you drag and drop these into the library, this creates an action template - i.e. it only selects those drawings which are exposed, and the keyframes that are shown there. This is used to copy animation information, not rigs.

In animate, instead of copying the character group from the network, you would copy the collapsed charcter master peg from the left side of the timeline. It’s much more robust to do this in the network view if you have it available.

Regarding the symbols, symbols are local to a project. When you create a template, think of that as a mini-project. When you drag and drop a template into a scene, it copies that scene information into the destination scene. If that scene contains symbols, or colour palettes, it will copy in all that information. It won’t override the current information in the scene, though, if that information already exists.

The better way to add new drawings instead of using symbols is to create a template with the extra hands in it, then they can just drag and drop the template onto the character hand layer to add the new drawings.


[ source ]

It works, thanks a lot :wink:
Problem solved.


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