Solved problem of Maya 2012 and Harmony renders

My two systems are:
HP Z800 2.44 Xeon Windows 7 ultimate 24GB RAM, nVidia 4000, SAS raid and Harmony 9.2 stand alone and maya 2012
MacPro early 2009 8 core 2.26 xeon OSX 10.6.8, 26GB of RAM, nvidia Quadro 4000, raid on eSata and USB 3.0 storage tower running with Harmony 9.2 stand alone and Maya 2012.

the problems i have had are everything from nvidia Quadro driver crashes, system freezes, Harmony quitting and often losing it’s license, still ongoing problem on my Mac and also Maya to Harmony bridge losing the .OSB files. Endless problems, some of which I have detailed in other posts.


When creating a 3D Maya 2012 gestalt, go into the render preferences.
1) choose a sub-directory to be in the same parent folder as your harmony project.
2) choose to use only half of the CPU power your system has, leaving room for Harmony’s feeble 32bit core.
3) Choose output in maya render preferences to be .png
4) choose output to be HD and at highest render.
5) turn off tessellation

This means when you save you Maya 2012 file to .mb it will be placed in the “scene” subfolder of your" render sub-folder" in the main project folder. And then when you “export all” to .OSB that also ends up in the scene subfolder.

the .psd file use for skinning will be outside these subfolders and outside the Harmony project file in the parent folder.

Since I’ve organized this file subfolders and no longer have my .mb and .osb files loose in the parent folder, I have had no crashes, hangs or otherproblems.

It seems like Maya 2012 really wants to have it’s own subfolders when it is working with Harmony 9.2.

However your folders should be:
fantastic animation folder/name of Harmony file folder containing stage/ name of maya render folder containing .mb and .osb in “scene” sub-folder/

I think I am one of the very few small shop animators to use maya .OSB files with Harmony.

Anyway good luck and start saving for the 2012 release of a Harmony 9.3 or 10 as that will be 64bit and I’m sure it will be expensive.

if you use a .psd file to skin your Maya *.mb file then make sure it was linked and sourced from the subfolder "Sourceimages"

I have had to teach myself Maya so maybe this is known to skilled geeks of this software BUT it seems to be important that all files, *.mb & *.osb & *.psd must be placed in the correct subfolders in the target render project folder. Having files scattered really messes up the bridge between Maya and Harmony and also can corrupt files for future use.

Happy 2012!