SOLVED : Optimize TB files, Cleaning Elements folder

I have looked and looked, and there doesn’t seem to be a way to optimize your TB project files easily. I have tons of unused drawings I’d like to delete en masse- I thought “saving as” would allow TB to strip out unused elements, but no dice.

Have an easy way to optimize your file so that unused elements/ drawings can be deleted (for unexposed replacement parts, maybe allow yourself to easily mark which drawing layers are in use vs not? esp if you’re renaming layers)


There is this option “Remove Unused Files” in the File meny but that does only remove unused Palettes so I should be called "Remove Unused Palettes " Instead.

Yes , It should be a option to Remove other files too.

I hope Toonboom staff read this and add as a Feature Request.


Hey thanks a lot Matthias,

I was going to make a feature request for the “Remove Unused Palettes” feature.
Indeed, if the “Remove Unused Files” action realy only deletes palettes, it should be renamed to “Remove Unused Palettes”.

Hey !

I might have what you need.
I do that a lot and I swear it has never deleted anything wrong :

Go to scene/Element manager, select all of the element (from top to bottom) and click on “delete and remove directory” or something like that, sorry do that by memory.

It should prompt you a window saying it cannot remove a list of element because it is used. Which is actually pretty cool ^^

Then for the fun, open your scene’s element folder, look at the amount of items, and save the scene. You should see the number decreasing, for the sake of the cleaning.

Hope it helps !
Please edit the title to [solved] if it is

Hi eAthis!

Thanks so much! So I was speaking with another TB user who works at studios to ask what she did with similar situations, and she said (one of) her workarounds was to just bring in essential elements into a whole new shot to strip out all the unused elements. I figured maybe this was via templates

SO, what I did was a AB test of the largest file I had (on a collaborative project, so multiple students had worked on it with various roughs and long gone layers/elements)

scene/Element Manager
Original file: 2.5GB (yeah, I KNOW. It’s 500+ frames long with a huge camera move and hi-res layout)
Post scene/Element Manager: 1.83GB

There were a few stragglers in the Elements folder that weren’t showing up in the element manager, and I deleted those with no issue, but I had to go thru and do that by hand.

Template Workaround:

Original file: 2.85GB
New File built just from TPL 2.19GB

Weirdly, the TPL file itself was only 1.65GB, so not sure where it was picking up that extra GB? So there was some reduction. but not as much as the element manager.

So, in conclusion: both methods work, but the element manager deletion was more efficient at stripping out the unneeded elements.

woww! : o it’s work!!! thank you, thank you.