[SOLVED] Optical Registration Failed :(

I’m having difficulties with the optical registration, when i scan new images i keep getting that error,
i’ve entered the same DPI as it was when i scanned the images,
made sure the Acme peg bar holes are black,

i tried JPG and BMP as well,

its a new scanner so i don’t know if there’s something else i need to setup

the scanner is Samsung M2070
i’m using harmony advanced

i’ve added an example of the scan.
(it’s resolution is 2338x1656)

i’d like your help :slight_smile:

What’s the error that you get? I don’t remember well all the possibilities, but you can get issues from bad peg holes (which doesn’t seem to be the case), and from a number of settings, namely the coordinates where Harmony will read the peg holes, if it knows the pegs are Top or Bottom, etc. Do you have the correct Peg Side on the Optical Registration settings and the Strictness as Loose?

thanks for the reply,
the error was “Optical Registration Failed”, anyways,
a friend helped me with it just a bit quicker than you :slight_smile:
the problem was that harmony needs the holes to be on the bottom when i import the images.
i imported the images when the holes where on the top.

It great that you solved it.

But you can tell Harmony where you have your peg holes on “Peg Side” just under “Optical Registration”. “Bottom” is the default, but you can choose Left, Right, Top, Bottom.

i did change the Peg Side but that didnt work…
as i see it the peg side just rotate the images in to the workspace, but it needs the peg holes to be on the bottom of the images it imports