[SOLVED] not animating between pose keyframes

Hey guys, I got a hierarchy built character with at-the-drawing level z-axis differences, and one master peg for the whole thing. All inked and colored and ready to go. Every layer is exposed for a 100 frames, and I added keyframes at the master peg (so that every child will have a peg at that point too) every 10 frames. Animate button toggled on. It’s my understanding that I should start using the Transform tool at each of these keyframes to animate the rigged hierarchies and set the character in motion, but it’s not happening. There is a “line” that threads the keyframe dots in the timeline view, but its not showing up in this case. I don’t know what’s up. Thanks for the help!

[SOLUTION] Stop Motion Frames mode was inadvertently activated by Wacom tablet shortcut

Are you using the right transform? Harmony has two, one that transforms drawings and one that transforms peg information. The one you want to be using is right under the ‘animate’ button. It will also change the colour of your element when you’ve clicked on it. If you’re only getting an orange outline, you’re using the drawing tool.

I hope that helps. Good luck!

Hey, thanks! I figured it out: one of the shortcuts of my Wacom tablet had Flash settings that activated the “Stop Motion Frames”, which makes motion tweens not happen.