[Solved]My character colour palettes are acting strange if importing character templates. Halp.

I have about 3 characters on the stage then I drag my final character in and one of the other character’s colours changes to that of the new character. What could this be?



Harmony’s palettes are a tricky topic.

This thread summerizes the reason of your problem and describes the solution (repainting) to it.

As far as I know there unfortunately isn’t any more handy solution to it at present.

Actually there is a simple solution. Go into the group for the entire rig, and on the thread that goes from master comp into stage comp add a colour override. Go into colour override and at the top in pallete override add the 3 character pallets of the duplicates. Then move the pallete of whatever character its connected to, to the top of the other two palletes. Then do the same for the other two characters with the two colour overrides and with the cloned pallete being on top of the other two with respective character.

Here’s what i mean: the heads are all based the same one head rig, and the palletes were cloned off the main to have new colors.


you’re right.

I would also use colour overrides (as Lilly mentioned in the thread I linked to) to quickly fix this problem for one or two scenes.

But, if you want to prepare clean rigs to be used for a show or a film I’d always want to have each character to be painted with his own palette.
Unforunately, there doesn’t seem to be another way to hard code replace palettes than repainting your character element by element. :slight_smile:

Yea. There really needs to be a way to save the rig as independant colour ids from a copy so that it copies the colour id colors but gives them new ids.

Hey this is an interesting idea.

I was wondering how a palette replacement feature could work, look like and how it could be integrated to the Harmony environment (what the the menu should look like, how to point the colours to the new palette…)

But, if there simply was the option ‘Create Independent Colour Palettes’ at the moment when you create a template this would make it.

That would be really useful for making vector backgrounds like you do in flash with a non protected color picker mode.

Cheers guys. Really useful info. I used the temp fix for now. I didn’t think I duplicated the palette so not sure why there was a problem. Oh well.

Yes, I also agree with on that point.

It would be great if there was the possibility to paint with colours that don’t have Colour IDs and that don’t need to be listed in a palette.

Palettes have the big advantage that you can change a colour on many drawings by simply modifying its colour value in the palette.

But, they slow you down when you want to use Harmony as an illustration application or when working on props and background art.

One should have the possibility to choose if one wants to use palettes or not.