[solved?] Mouse Emulator (left) Clicks not working in Camera and Drawing views


I use my mouse emulator a lot to relief the stress of my drawing hand. I use this one: http://rhdesigns.browseto.org/mouseemulator.html

Sometimes I use Num-1 and Num-2 keys for left and right clicks for certain tasks. Like, in Flash I would press Q for Transform and then manipulate my selection using my emulated clicks (clicks and click
+drags). I still use my pen for mouse cursor location (just hovering over the surface) while pressing keys on my keyboard to emulate mouse clicks.

In Harmony, however, this is not possible at the moment. I can use my mouse emulator clicks on almost anything in TBH but not if I want to draw or move something using my emulated clicks in the Camera and Drawing views.

However, if I use a mouse to control the cursor, my emulated clicks work. So I think, it has something to do with the combination of a Wacom pen hovering over the tablet surface that prevents my mouse emulator clicks from happening. Right click is working fine (the popup menu shows up) but the Left click does not work.

Can this be fixed? Or is it so deep in the program code that this can’t be fixed?

Thanks in advance

EDIT: Ok I went to Prefs > Adv and disabled “Use QT Wintab” and it seemed to fix it.

Ok, now the brush strokes look ugly (unsmooth). That is with “Use QT Wintab…” disabled.