[Solved] Majority of substitutions are missing after importing my character.

I am working on an animation and after importing my character template from the library, most of the substitutions for hands, feet, mouth etc are missing. For example I have 50+ hand drawings for one character in his own scene and after dragging him from the library into another scene there are about 4. Drawing 3, 26, 46 and 56 are there but not the rest. It doesn’t make any sense. Any Ideas?


Hi Shawn,

it seems to me that you created an Action Template instead of a Master Template.

Action Templates will only import and store the animation/motion, not the rig itself.
Master Templates contain the whole rig. So, there are 2 different kinds of templates.

Action templates are created by dragging the elements from the Timeline View.
Master Templates are created from the Node View.

Thank you so much! :slight_smile:

So in future, what if I wanted an action template with all the subs included? Say I wanted to regularly use a run cycle in multiple scenes? I suppose I would just do the animation first with all the subs I wanted then stick in the library but what if I wanted to swap to a master template? Would I just have to literally swap it in?

In this case, just create a Master Template by copying/pasting all the selected nodes from the Timeline View.
It works best when you group your rig before creating the Master Template. So, the thing that you’ll drag into the Library will be the group, actually.

Master Templates contain the animation and all the nodes (thus, the drawings and with all their substitutions).

To reuse stored poses from a template you could use the Pose Copier script. This is kind of like swapping. Is this what you mean?

If you want to reuse a whole animation drag your template into the Timeline.
You can have a look into this video showing how to use action templates.

Don’t be too impressed by the word Master Template. :slight_smile:

Action Templates and Master Templates are basically the same thing. The only difference is that Action Templates don’t store all the remaining elements that are not needed for the actions to store.

Ah that really helps thanks. So I can just drag my action template onto my master template and it uses all of that information. Thanks so much! Learning so much haha.

Good to know that it helps.

So I can just drag my action template onto my master template and it uses all of that information.

Do you drag it into your Master Template or into the timeline of your project?

Sorry I meant into the timeline.