[SOLVED] Importing template brings every palette from its original file : (

Hi there,

I’m using Harmony Premium 16 and when importing, let’s say, a character I rigged from the template’s library, I get its palette but also all of the palettes from its original file (the background’s, for example, in case I designed it in the same file to keep both in the same style…)

This makes my palette browser harder to manage, with a lot of stuff that I don’t need. Is there a way to change this?

Thank you!

The way to avoid this issue in the future is to create a new scene when you
create a new rigged character - this way the only palette for the character will
be in the template when you make one.

Use a fresh scene for each character rig you are creating.

Go to the library, unlock it, then right click on the template and click “edit template” . It will open the scene in the template editor mode. Here clear all the palette you don’t need, manually or go to file remove unused files. Then save and quit. Try to import your template again, it should come with the used palettes only.

Hope it helps



That’s what I was looking for, thanks a lot : )

Perfect !

Please rename the thread with [SOLVED].

Glad it helped.