[SOLVED] I had just upgraded to harmony 12 and now 14 is out. No upgrade options?

Hi everyone,

As the title mentions, I had just upgraded to harmony 12 from toon boom studio 8 and now 14 is out. Do we get the upgrade to harmony 14 for free? If I check my upgrade options I still get the option to upgrade from toon boom studio 8 but no mention of my harmony 12. Should I’ve known that 14 was just around the corner I would’ve waited for version 14 to come out and pay for only one upgrade. I think it’s not ok offering an upgrade to 12, not too long ago, knowing 14 was on the way.

Harmony 14 is available for free as a benefit for customers with Desktop Subscription or a Perpetual license with Support.
that’s what is on their blog. All you have to do it download harmony 14 install it then return your harmony 12 license then activate harmony 14 using the same account you have for harmony 12.

Hi afecelis,

If I am correct, you should find an upgrade code to Harmony 14 in your Toon Boom account. If you purchased it in the last 30 days, you are eligible to a free upgrade. :slight_smile:

Please let us know if your code is not there and you purchased it less than 30 days ago.


I haven’t received any code and Have had Harmony Premium perpetual and bought gold support, I was just told to be patient yesterday, but still no sign of a fix. <: x

Thanks Marie,

I upgraded to harmony 12 on May 4 after getting lots of emails saying it was my last chance to upgrade to this version. Unfortunately (for me) I’m not on the subscription plan but I got the perpetual license instead. Anyhow, Isn’t 1 or 2 months of difference a very short time to release 2 software versions so closely? And, besides, my upgrade options are still from toon boom studio, my harmony essentials 12 is not taken into account at all, as if I had never purchased it.

As I said, should I’ve known that if I had waited for 30 more days I would be getting an upgrade to 14 instead of 12 I wouldn’t have felt pressured to buy it with emails saying:“Last chance to upgrade to Harmony Essentials for less” :frowning:

I have a subscription license but it seems to be stuck on 12 still. I tried returning the license and activating it, but 14 just seems to see that there’s no premium license.

Hi afecelis,

I understand. I asked Sales team to contact you.


Hi Vrexus,

I think your issue is related to using the 12.0 build.
If you have received your code for Harmony 14, follow this procedure:

Before downloading and upgrading to Harmony 14, return your license for 12.0 using the license wizard.

Here are the instructions on how to return your license:

After returning your old license, you can download and install Harmony 14. You will find the download link in My Downloads.
If you experience any problem, please contact our support department.


Thanks that worked! One more thing: I didn’t use to have this mail server pop up in version 12 (and i’m pretty sure i installed the standalone 14). Is there a way to not have this window open? Manually closing it closes toonboom too.

Edit: nevermind, running just the stage from the programdata shortcut fixed that.


I am glad it worked!

For the popup window, I checked with our Support team and the issue is caused by the wstart.exe file that did not install properly.
The recommendation is to:

  • Uninstall Harmony
  • Make sure all shortcuts are deleted from the start menu and desktop (Harmony should not be listed anywhere)
  • Reboot
  • Install Harmony
  • Reboot

You should be good to go.

Let me know if you still have issues or if it worked.



Thanks a lot! :smiley: Everything’s fixed now! Congrats to you and the team for the excellent support and your commitment to customers.

Downloading and installing V14 now.