(SOLVED) How to make every tween automatically "on twos"?

Hey guys. I’m new to Toon Boom. I started working on Harmony (networked) a couple of weeks ago in a project that is done with cut-out puppets entirely on twos (each drawing lasts two frames), and which requires a lot of tweens. Thing is, every tween generates unique frames.

It is possible to use the Hold Value Editor feature to create stepped velocities and make each drawing last two frames (just click the + symbol on the layer, double-click each parameter I want to change, and set Step to 2. Problem is, in a complex puppet with lots of pegs, deforms and drawings, after a while it gets really burdensome to keep setting Hold Value to every parameter I want to make stepped.

So far we have just worked with tweens normally, then broken them into stop-motion keyframes every two frames prior to exporting the scene. But I don’t think this approach is very fit for cut-out animation, and it also makes for destructive tweens, that need to be manually tweaked in case we need.

My question: is there any way to automatically make every tween on twos? Maybe a way to set Hold Value directly to a layer, instead of each of its parameters?

Better yet: is there a way to make a project “on twos” by default, in which every drawing and tween is already held for two frames unless otherwise specified?

Or even: is it possible to make a script that sets Hold Value step to 2 on every single parameter in my scene in a single blow?

Thanks a lot!

have you tried the “bezier editor”?
go to “position: Pos x” (for example) of a drawing, and make double click: it will open the “bezie editor”. here go to the fourth button (hold value editor). put the stop in a high value. the important here is the “step”. put 2. and you have the animation in twos.

i dont know how to make this for all the values (pos Y, Pos Z, Scale x, etc) all in one.
it would be great to can create a project that already has this!

but i hope this been useful

I’ve been using this Hold Value Editor feature so far, but it quickly gets tiresome in a complex puppet with lots of moving pegs. : )

If there is any scripting specialist around these forums, It would be a great help if they would tell me whether it is possible to achieve this with a script — to make all parameters of all layers hold their value for 2 frames, in a single swoop.

Have you checked Exposure command (right click in timeline). Using that you can select Exposure to 2 if you want. Or you can set exposure to anything you want.

It’s useful for increasing the duration of a drawing, or when I’m using stop-motion keyframes; but if you play with exposure inside a motion tween, nothing changes.

Since my problem involves a repetitive task, a script might be the solution. Any scripting expert there? : )

Brazilian William Saito from http://toonboomscripts.com wrote a piece of script called “Convert to Twos” that does just the trick: it sets the Hold Value step to 2 on every parameter of a layer and its sub-layers. Helped me a lot. Thanks, William!

Check out his script here.

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that website is a great resource. hope he keeps it up.

I think some of this functionality is built into Harmony 11. There is a new Create Ketframe On button that is an extension of the Hold Values editor that you can do to a bunch of layers and its children. However it doesnt seem to allow you to continue to tweek the timing and update the new keyframes…i don’t think anyway.

D’aww, you jinxed it! :sweat_smile:
Seems to be gone now :confused:

Harmony 21 Premium has Timing Nodes under the Node Library.
These nodes are used to either show a different render at the given frame, or to transform the content with a transformation from a different frame.

Here is a video showing them in action c/o Onion Skin and Zebirdbrain.