[SOLVED] help what are these white frames?? please help

this may sound dump, but i have no idea what these white keyframes means. it looks like there are locked cus i cant edit the key frames, but i can delete the exposure on that frame. the drawing is a pupil and is on a simple eye composite. anyone can help me? i simply cant find any information about this on google and other forums of toonboom, please help thanks!

Screen Shot 2018-12-20 at 10.52.48 AM.png

This might be something that’s collapsed where the actual keyframe is inside/under this element.
You should be able to delete the real keyframe if you expand this element and go inside.

To this point i think that this is not vital, but i cant find any info everywhere about it, ill really appreciate if anyone can explain what is it.
theres some important info and another screen shot:
-its a drawing. not a peg nor a group.
-that said drawing has “animate using animation tools” unchecked
-these “white keyframes” can only be created with “animate” option off.
-these “white keyframes” cant be erased with f7.

is it a bug?




Hi Bepop22 !

Whites keyframes mean that they are locked.
It’s because for some reason, the layer has been disabled to be animated after the creation of these keyframes.
Simply open its layer properties, go to the “Controls” tab, and check the “Animate Using Animation Tools”.
Now you can delete these keyframes.

Hope it helps.

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thanks for the reply! it looks like is exactly as you said!
it looks like you can create this locked frames in a locked layer with f7 and animate option off. is simple but i didnt find any info about it. thanks again for helping me with this topic!!.