[SOLVED] Full character turnaround deformation rig

I like to set my characters up with multiple views in the one template eg. front, 3q, side etc (full character turnaround). I’m now trying to put deformers on each of these views by following along with this video tutorial:

and this guide:

Right at the start of the video it says to make sure “create posed deformer in create deformation above/under” is checked on the deformation tab in preferences, which no longer exists with Harmony 12 Premium. I’m pretty sure this means that you can setup multiple deformers on the one layer eg (arm layer has front pose deformer, side pose deformer, 3q pose deformer).

I have renamed my drawings like the video says but when she starts adding her deformers I’m lost. When she adds the front view deformer, and then scrubs the across to the 3q view, her front defomer disappears allowing her to add the 3q deformer and from what I can see her subgroups are automatically created. None of this happens for me. Once I add the front view deformer, it’s there right across all the other views.

I know this is a 'Legacy" deformation rig and the structure is different now in Harmony 12, my question is am I still able to create a full turnaround deformation rig like this? Or do I have to now create templates for each view and hide/show them as I’m animating? Can anyone help me? Do I even make sense??

Harmony 12 will soon have a fix for that, sadly for the moment the best way would be to copy paste the deformation switch rig from 10.3 or 11 into 12 (template it or manually redo it).

That’s the issue I’m having with Harmony12. In 10, I had finally wrapped my mind around the concept of doing her version of rigging with all the kinematic by-passes in order to not deform different parts, but can’t get any Deformer groups in 12 to have any automatic creation of different poses as per the original without manually having to add each and every node in the Node View.

It’s almost as if it’s easier to build the character rigged with full turn-around poses in the older version, and import it into 12 in order to be able to use it without.

Or I’m doing it wrong. I dunno. I gleefully await the tutorial that does a comprehensive step-by-step that lets us know how to construct the full ‘turn-around rig’ in 12 . . . such as, to peg or not to peg?

Thanks for the input, because you’re definitely not the only one who wants the multiple poses, heads, etc. that can be used over and over again. Cheers.

well there’s this tutorial https://www.toonboom.com/resources/video-tutorials/video/creating-a-full-character-turnaround-deformation-rig , personally I think it’s a lot of work, I would just make each rig at a time, I would make a total of 5 rigs, side left, 3/4 front left, front, back and back 3/4 right, and flip horizontal some of the rigs so you have right side, 3/4 right front and 3/4 back left and of Edit any details that only appear on one side of a character and I would save them as Templates with extra Template head poses with lip sync

Ok, so I’ve got what I wanted up and running by manually setting up the deformer groups. I downloaded the Karate Rabbit deformation rig sample (I couldn’t get my head around setting up deformer groups from scratch), and created a template using his arm setup from the node view. I altered the KR arm deformation setup to contain 5 subgroups to represent front, 3Q, side, 3QB, back (KR only has front, quarter, side) and now all I have to do is attach the template to my character’s drawing layer I’d like multiple deformers on, make sure the drawings match the subgroup names, and adjust the deformers to suit my character.

before harmony 12, you automatically created a new deformation group when you created a new drawing on the layer and started adding a new deformation. 12 has looked to simplify the process, but in doing so kind of made it harder to create more complex rigs. you now have to manually create these advanced rigs which kind of stinks. they might consider putting back in the option to add new deformers with the creation of a new drawing?

Thank you for explaining what you did to solve your own problem.

You’ve confirmed that it’s not just me but it is a change in the software! I wasn’t completely sure if I was missing something.

I’m just happy I figured out how to manually set it up so that I can happily continue on my very complicated, brain melting preferred rigging method :slight_smile:

Can you please provide a link to where you downloaded the KR deformation rig? I can’t find it anywhere.


Am I wrong in thinking that this will end up with having 4-5 templates active for one character at any time? If you have four-five chars, that means you could have 20 characters templates in your project, plus scenery?

I have tried to take templates and drag and drop onto the timeline of the same char using a different rig (e.g. 3/4 to front profile) and it doesnt seem to take. I seem to have to disable one rig if I want to use another and am unable to blend the two as suggested on KR videos.

Nver mind, found it

That’s the issue with the 12 rig . . . there’s nothing in the Preferences to check off change ‘Posed Deformers’. Problem with creating multiple poses in 12 is that there are no connections to the parts the way you can drag/drop a ‘3Q head’ and drop it into the Timeline the way you can with the connected ‘full-turn-around rig of the KR’ . . . you have to physically drop a fully-rigged, different character pose (for the same character) in the timeline if you build it in 12 with it’s own rig, no ‘Front/3Q/Side/etc Deformer groups’ and line it up manually as per Onion Skin, or build the character in the older version w/turn-arounds and import it into 12.

But that older tutorial is relevant only for the older Harmonys. You can’t physically build it in 12 . . . doesn’t work. Even if you build all the Deformer Groups manually in the Node View. But the rigs/templates of the KR built in 10.3 and 11 work. It’s odd . . . and in the older KR tutorials, you don’t use pegs. I liked the multiple template idea, and having ‘Key Poses’, ‘Full(View)’ and the different ‘Head’ templates, which you can drag and drop anywhere in the Timeline and the connection exists automatically. But in 12, that doesn’t seem to work.

That’s sort of what I was wondering what 12 was going for, and what did that latest update actually fix? The rig still exists as the ‘Front pose’ in all other views if you build it in 12. It doesn’t disappear like the KR tutorial shows, nor automatically create ‘Deformer Groups’ such as the ‘Front’, ‘3Q’, and ‘Side’ when you use the naming conventions. Physically dragging nodes into the Node View (which is a huge process) doesn’t seem to work, either . . . no connections are made in the Timeline.

That’s the tutorial I was wishing there was . . . a full, ‘How to make a full, turn-around rig with similar connections as per the KR tutorial previous editions’ in the updated 12.1. Or can you even do it, and animate it?

Here’s something that wasn’t there before, or I missed it. Found a way to do Transformations of a character turn-around using the naming convention. It’s a way to do it WITH pegs, in 12. I’ll see how it works. http://docs.toonboom.com/help/harmony-12/premium/Content/_CORE/_Workflow/023_Deformation/065A_Creating_Transformation_Chains.html

Sweet, that looks like what we are after!

I have noticed that the kinematic output button is missing however from deformations (e.g. if you don’t want the hand deformed, but you want it to follow the chain) Anyone tell me where I can find this option? I know that there is a node for it, but there must be a way to add this to the deformation node such as in the old Karate Rabbit example?


That came with the recent update.

Harmony 12.1 Release Notes:

Thx . . . I thought it had, because I was pretty sure I had thoroughly checked that area of the manual before. Nice to know I’m not losing my marbles . . . :wink:

Staff good day !!
Here was reading the doubts of all and moved to Harmony 12 a few days ago and I’m not getting success in making my models how to get in hamony 11:11.
I’ve got many diculdade to make the rig model, because I can not do deformations groups respond simultaneously to a central operator as it did in anterios models!
Someone found any tutorial or artifice to take me the correct way to perform deformation groups?
Sorry my text do not speak English and made use of googler translator!


When you want to add a new defformation chain to your drawing all you have to do is select the new drawing on the timeline and click on the Create New Deformation Chain that’s on the deformation toolbar. That way Toon Boom creates the deformation groups for your poses automatically.