[Solved] Flip Horizontally one frame

I’ve searched an answer to my question but didn’t find it.
How can I flip horizontally a part of an object in one specify frame ?
When I use drawings/ transform/ flip horizontally, it flip the object on all the scene :S

Thanks !

Hi ! I don’t see were I can activate this buttons :S
When I right click on the border of the timeline, I just have the windows I can open (Camera, colour, coord…)

EDIT: I am sorry. All this changed a little n Harmony 11.

Here you go:

How to Customize a View Toolbar:


  1. In the chosen view, right-click on any button in the toolbar where you want to add or subtract a new button. You can also reorder the buttons. Make sure the button you right-click on is active.
  2. From the menu, select Customize.

The Toolbar Manager window opens.

  1. To add a new icon to your toolbar, select the tool or command from the Available Tools list and click the Right Arrow button to switch it to the Toolbar list.

  2. To remove an icon from your toolbar, select the tool or command in the Toolbar list and click the Left Arrow button to switch to the Available Tools list.

  3. To reorder the icons in your toolbar, select the command to be moved from the Toolbar list and click the Up or Down buttons to move it to the correct location.

  4. Click OK when you are finished.

I see it but I can’t click on customize it’s greyed: S Ah and I’m in Harmony 10.

For older Harmony:

Are you right-clicking on the border at the top of the Timeline window? Make sure you are NOT going to the border at the top of the interface where the main tool buttons are located. Technically there are two types of Toolbars, “View Toolbars” and “Top Toolbars” and what you want to focus on is the View Toolbars but you won’t see anything distinguishing them in the interface. Just keep in mind that toolbars are associated with two different contexts in the software. Knowing this you might understand how you would ignore the main toolbar area and instead look to the windows for context-specific toolbar buttons (i.e. Timeline related buttons, Drawing related buttons, etc.).

See 4:22 for the section on Toolbars (this is Animate Pro but it is the same in older Harmony)

Do you have any buttons displayed across the top border of the Timeline window? If not, in the top menu bar Windows => Toolbars => choose Timeline

Showing / Hiding Toolbars

Now right-click in the blank area next to the buttons of the Timeline window’s border. Choose Customize.

Toolbar Manager:

Ahaah it’s okay I find it ! Thanks a lot for your time :slight_smile:

Activate animation mode.

  1. Create a Drawing Layer.
  2. Draw an object on frame #1
  3. Extend the exposure to 10+ whatever number to have some room to work with.
  4. Within that extended exposure range select a frame in the Timeline.
  5. Activate the Animate Tool and select the object with the Transform Tool in the Camera window.
  6. Manipulate it (flip, rotate, skew. scale, whatever).

If you have Onion Skin turned on you will see that the change only occurs on the designated frame.

Thanks, it works, but there isn’t any way to flip it directly ?
Because I want to keep the exact same size of this object part and when I do like that the object is a bit deformed :S

You can add buttons to the Camera and Timeline windows that flip the animation vertically and horizontally. Be careful that you don’t select the buttons that flip the drawing. You want to flip the animation. For the Camera window they are called Flip Horizontal Animation (and …Vertical…) and in the Timeline called Flip Scale X (and Flip Scale Y) but the buttons look exactly the same and perform the same function. Right-click on the window’s border to Customize the buttons.

Oddly the same buttons are present by default in the Tool Properties window but they did not work when I tried them. Both of the other options do work, on my system at least.

If they work on your system I would like to hear. I am using a system that doesn’t meet the minimum and using dual displays which compromises graphics resources on top of that. Sometimes something doesn’t work as expected and Support has pointed to these two weaknesses.