[SOLVED ]Find color in drawing

Hi, I’ve harmony 11.1

I’v eimported a drawing from another files.
Automatically a new palette was imported with just one colour.
I don’t know where this colour is in the new drawing (maybe a very small dot done by mistake)
There is any way to “find” that colour in my drawing and delete it?

If you delete the colour from the palette, whatever was filled with that colour will turn bright red indicating a ‘missing colour’. Then you can just fill it with the colour you want, or delete the drawing.

Thanks DessieX, i know this sistem but, my problem is that element coloured could be behind another line and even if it turn in a bright red i’m not able to spot it because is hidden.
So i can spend ages to move all the line to find that tiny little dot somewhere :frowning:
I was wandering if there is sort of reverse color finder that tell me where are this color
Thansk for your reply :slight_smile:

I’ve found a nice solution,
-Apply a colour-override with the “recovered colour” just before the display.
-Then apply Matte-resize-module to make it bigger and visible.
-If you want you can apply an extra peg to enlarge the object, this allow you to spot better the art with the colour that you are looking for


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