[SOLVED] - 'Feature Requests' board for Harmony


first of all, I want to say a big thank you to Marie-Ève for the broad support you gave over last few days to a lot of people, here on the forum. This makes this forum a much more valuable place.

Now, my question: Where is the best place to post feature requests for Harmony?
I think the current practice is that people post them to the Animate section. Wouldn’t the release of Harmony 14 be a good occasion to create a ‘Feature Requests’ section directly dedicated to Harmony?


Hi Stefman,

Thank you for your kind words! I am glad I can help.

We just created the Feature Request board for Harmony. :slight_smile:

Thank you for the recommendation.



i agree, Marie-Eve and team have been remarkably active and helpful this week, and the feature request section should stimulate a lot of ideas for toonboom and the user community.


Thank you for the kind words and feedback.


Cool, thank you very much!


i would love to see switches for deformers i.e a bone to move up,down,left or right to control movement of eyes,mouth,head,hands,feet or body turn so basically a slider that controls pre made frames for individual body parts

Hi nickyb2k16,

this thread initially only was the feature request for the ‘Feature Requests’ board. :smiley:
The new ‘Feature Requests’ board now exists and you can find it on top of the ‘Harmony’ section of the forum menu.

Your question makes me think of the ‘Pose Copier’ script which, if I understood well you’re request, quite does what you’re looking for:

And I just stumbled upon a webinar giving a detailed overview on the Pose Copier scheduled for July 28th:

Could this help?


i don’t think so because the pose copier is just as it name says it copies an paste a pre-made pose, what I want is a real time slider to control xyz axis also real time slider for drawing subs, i.e imagine a box with a handle in the middle, if u move the handle up the eyes look up an so on, pose copier is a step in the right direction but it isnt real time you still have to select the right body part and temple then choose pose then paste pose, I would rather it change the pose as i select it in pose copier.


do you have an example for that feature existing in another software?
This makes me think of facial controlers in 3D programs or things that could be done with sliders and expressions in After Effects.


Yes, i too want to especially thank Marie-Eve for her quick and thorough responses; critical for those of us scrambling to learn new software, it just doesn’t work otherwise!!!

like those handles in maya that controls mouths,eyes,brows etc, instead of actually clicking on the model you move to handles instead.

Thank you very much for the kind words! :slight_smile: