[Solved] Cute-out character export issue

I have a little issue on Harmony 10 render export.
There is some outline too the different parts of my cute-out character.
It’s a photoshop importation, there is no problem in the camera view, only when the animation are exported.

See the attached file

TB_export issue.PNG

Hi, thanks but I finally solve de problem by using the brush tool and paint over the separation (even if I don’t see any line on Photoshop) and that’s work :slight_smile:

Maybe seeing a screen capture of the camera view would help with understanding the problem. I cannot tell what is not supposed to be there. It looks good in the present image, IMO.

In the camera view the problem is less visible here’s a screen.
http://i.imgur.com/p3iTS4B.jpg (camera view)
http://i.imgur.com/85XOqWr.png (render)

Do those lines coincide with anything in the artwork construction or are they random?

BTW, I really doubt they would be noticed in an animated sequence.

Yes, it coincides with the character parts (arms, legs, chest).
Here it’s a test character (that’s why it’s naked) but it will have a better paint, etc. So as I can see that lines on a very light color, I’m pretty sure that on darker color it will be a bigger problem :S

You should try to animate it in simple short experiments using different colors to see so you have concrete evidence of what will happen.

I think the movement and context of activity will be holding the audience’s attention and suspect those lines will not stand out.