[SOLVED] Create Color with Hexadecimal value

Hi Harmony Users !

Since a long time, people are asking Toonboom why can’t we create a color with an hexadecimal value.
As no pertinent answer have been posted, I decided to create this ability for free !

You can download the plugin from the link below :


An “HowToInstall.txt” is in the archive.

Here is a video on the three ways to trigger it (toolbar or shortcut or action “Add Hexa Color” in menu “Insert”.

Simply select the palette in which you want to create the new color, hit the button (or shortcut or menu) enter your value, and hit OK.

Please don’t hesitate if you have question and issue and share it !



There is nothing wrong with the file uploaded as it is. I had no problem with it. It looks like your RAR extractor is unable to do a basic extraction. It may not recognize the flavor of RAR or something like that. Try downloading a different extractor. There are many free ones available.

Thank you for this awesome piece of help eAthis!

You are very welcome !

Hello eAthis,

I’ve been looking for a plugin exactly like this!

Unfortunately, I’m getting a “Cannot open file AddHexaColour.rar as archive” error from from the download you provided.

Would it be possible for you to re-upload the .rar file?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Indeed, as o0Ampy0o said, I had no problem re-downloading it and extracting it.
Try to install 7zip, it is free and know basically all types of zipped archives.

If you still have issue, contact me on instagram @martin.eathis, and I will send it to you in a different format.

Let me know


Thank you for your help, o0Ampy0o!

I updated my version of 7-Zip and it extracted it just fine!

Thank you for your reply, eAthis.

My version of 7-Zip was out of date, upgrading to the latest worked just fine for extracting the .rar file.

Thanks for making such a neat script!

Perfect !

You’re very welcome !

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Have a good day !