[SOLVED] Cloning a deformer.

In Harmony 10 it was possible to copy a deformer and paste it somewhere else, and they would essentially be clones of each other. This was really useful when you had a character wearing a jacket and you had a deformer on the torso, for instance. You wanted the jacket to deform with the body, but you also needed the extra control of having a peg. You can’t put a peg between a deformer and what’s being deformed (slow down city) so we would copy the deformer and paste it a bunch of times for the individual pieces, and then have a peg on top so you could skew or position it as you needed.

This doesn’t seem to work in 12. I have a pocket on a jacket, for instance, that I would like to be able to use to ‘cheat’ the 3-Dness of the puppet, but still needs to follow the deformer. (It’s far enough away from the end of the deformer chain that a kinematic output won’t work.) I’ve copied and pasted the deformer, but it doesn’t seem to inherit the deformation I give the main torso deformer.

Is there a work around?

A freelancer was able to get this to just… work… Before. I asked them how they did it, and they told me that it just worked. I’m wondering if this is a specific problem with toonboom 12.1.1?

I still really really need this to work. Same problem with a jacket that I need to both deform and also be able to move around with a peg. Has anyone else tried this, with 12.1.1? Should I look at updating to 12.2 or whatever the next version of 12 is? Should I bug IT for harmony 14?

Any help would be really appreciated!

OMG they just got back to me, apparently you need to set a key on the deformer, and then it will stay linked. Yes! (In case anyone else would like to use this. It’s super useful!)