[Solved] Can't upgrade to Harmony Premium?



I bought Harmony Advanced 12’s perpetual license last year, and was considering upgrading to Premium (my license actually updated to 14 when it came out), but when I visited the upgrade page in the store, I got a message saying I have no upgradable keys.

I guess this has to do with Toon Boom’s policy regarding perpetual licenses, but I just don’t get it. Has anyone had a similar experience, or is anyone able to explain this?

Thanks a ton!

Contact Toon Boom. They can sort this out for you.

You have not provided enough information to understand what your problem is.

What license do you actually have (perpetual or monthly subscription) and what exactly did you do?

If your perpetual license updated to 14 all you should have to do is download the software from the My Downloads section of your Toon Boom account.

Yeah, that’s the most likely solution. I realize I was a bit vague when describing my situation. I actually have the perpetual license, intended to upgrade, and the store page wouldn’t recognise my Advanced license as upgradable, suggesting I register one (mine is registered, though)

Anyway, I guess the sales team will solve this. Thanks a lot for replying, o0Ampy0o. :slight_smile:

If you describe what you see on your My Account page I may be able to help. How do you know it was upgraded to 14? If you see a link there should be an activation code. It is straight forward. You cannot have seen any evidence that you were upgraded to 14 except by the appearance of a link. Just download the file using the link.

If there is anything different about what you see let me know.

Hi o0Ampy0o,

Actually, minutes after contacting Toon Boom, the matter was resolved: I just bought the Premium version, and everything’s fine. I did have the link to Advanced 14, but my guess is the information wasn’t updated somewhere in TB headquarters that I was eligible for upgrade. Anyway, all’s well that ends well.

Thanks a lot for your time!!