(SOLVED) Can you save a custom brush with color?

I would like to customize and save a brush with a specific color. I’m seeing various tutorials about how to customize and save brushes with specific line qualities, but nothing about being able to save a brush with a specific color.

Can you do this in Harmony 16?


Thank you Ron. I didn’t know this one.


Customized brush presets are independent from colour palettes and don’t save the information of the colour you used when the brush preset was created.

Thanks Stefman.

That’s one that I’ll add to the Feature Requests. It’s a handy thing in TVPaint because you can create little icons that store the brush parameters AND the color. All you have to do is tap your stylus on the icon and you instantly have the brush and the color ready to go.

Not entirely true, you can use the toolbar “Tool Presets” to save a bush with colour.

rkriz, can you steer me onto how to use the Tool Presets to save a brush with a color choice?

rkriz, you responded affirmatively to my post of several weeks ago, inquiring whether you can save a brush with a specific color. Can you please give me more information as to how you do that?


So as mentioned above, you can totally save a tool preset and keep the desire color atached to it !
You can d that through the tolPreset toolbar.

Here is a little video I made for you :


Note that if you use this preset in a scene that doesn’t contain the color you used when you saved it, Harmony will prompt the color recovery window asking if you want it to import the palette you used. Yes, the whole palette .

Hope it helps.
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Thanks for this video, eAthis! It’s a little quick, but I think I understand it and will give it a shot.

The implementation of this option does not seem very well thought out.

If you are saving a custom brush with a color this option should also be available under the New Brush option in Tool Properties.

After all you are creating a custom brush that has a specific color included.

If this were the only way to create a custom brush it would make more sense the way it is now.

When you offer a specific button for creating a specific tool you ought to include ALL the available options within that category.

didn’t expect to hear king gizzard on a tb tutorial, thought my headset was lagging

For anyone that needs more detail on Tool Presets.