[SOLVED] Camera Moves, Pegs, and Vanishing Text

First time posting here; hopefully I’m in the right place!
I have a scene with a camera move which works fine. I need to position a piece of text so it moves with the camera, making it appear static (a watermark/signature of sorts). I’ve seen some posts and tutorials, and to my understanding, one is to create a peg (Camera-P in my case), attach the camera to Camera-P, and if you want something to be visually unaffected by the camera movement (Text-Layer, for me) you attach Text-Layer to Camera-P as well. This I have done, and it works on some frames, but not all. The Text-Layer only appears when the camera is still, and vanishes when the camera is moving.

I’ve tried rearranging the pegs in the node view, I’ve tried adding extra pegs, I’ve made sure there are no empty frames on my time line…not sure what to try next.

In case I described myself poorly, my node view’s hierarchy is like this:
. . . . . . . . . . . . . [Text-Layer(tvg)] → [Composite]
[Camera-P] -<
. . . . . . . . . . . . . [Camera]

Thanks in advance! : )


My understandings of your issue is that you have animated your camera in the camera itself. If the keyframes are on the the camera and not in the peg, of course when the camera moves your text layer won’t follow.
It is not just about connecting things together, it’s also keeping in mind where the transformation /rotation/scale information are.

So, cut and paste the keyframes from your camera to its peg (camera-P) and re-create the interpolations.
At the end you should have no keyframe on the camera, everything should be on the peg, then connect the text layer under the Camera peg and everything should work.

Let me know if it helps or if it’s not clear.



Hi eAthis, thanks for your reply!

I can confirm I have animated on the peg and not the camera layer itself (there are no frames at all on the Camera layer).

I’ll link three screenshots below
Frame 1, the text appears:

Frame 2-159, the text vanishes:

Frame 160 and onward, the text reappears:

Thanks for your help!


It could mean that you have something in front of it. Try to take a look at the text layer’s coordinates from frame 2.
Using the Top view could be helpful.

Try to connect your text layer to a separate composite, everything else to another, and both of them on a third one as shown on the attachment.
Make sure to connect the text layer composite on the left and this composite is set to Bitmap, and its “output Z” to “Leftmost”.

Hope it helps.


That fixed it! : D

All of the layers were on top of each other in the Top View, so when the camera zoomed in, the text was being pushed backwards with the motion of the camera. I nudged the text layer forward, and it works great now!

I’ll be sure to structure my node view how you mentioned in future animations too.

Thanks so much!

Perfect !

Glad it helped.

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