[Solved] Animate on 2s in Essentials

I wanted to know if their was a way to turn tweens into keyframes in toon boom Essentials


indeed the Timeline View toolbar of Harmony Essentials doesn’t seem to contain the ‘Create Keyframes On’ button.

But, you could use the corresponding script called ‘TB_CreateKeyFramesOn.js’

Okay thanks, but how do I use it?

Ah, are you asking how to create a script button?

In this case you just have to follow these steps:

  1. Select Windows → Toolbars → Scripting

  2. Link the script to a new button:

Let me know if this helps.

P.S. What you could do as well is have a look into the Toolbar Manager of the Timeline View Toolbar and look if the ‘Create Keyframes On’ Icon is available to be added to the toolbar.
This is easier than handling scripts.

Thanks I’ll try it! :slight_smile:

Thanks alot! I finally I fixed the problem