[SOLVED] 1 pixel bitmap brush / pencil to draw 8bit pixel style

Hi, please help - I’m trying to draw with a 1 pixel brush to literally draw at the pixel size. I’ve drawn some elements in Photoshop with a 1 pixel pencil (it’s what I use to get the pixel look) but lo as I may try, I cannot yet achieve this in Toon Boom Harmony Premium. I’ve tried so many different settings of brushes, created my own new brush, but it’s not giving a basic 1 pixel brush, it always wants to dither it and make it bigger. Driving me a little nuts. Pic attached for ref.

[EDIT, solved: Drawing Pixel Art in Toon Boom Harmony - YouTube]

I don’t recommend that, I don’t think if it’s even possible to do that in a practical way in toon boom, the software is just not made for that kind of asset creation.

If you want a pixelated look I recommend to check the pixelate node (available only in premium), or maybe creating the art in other software and importing it as transparent png.

Maybe you can try with a bitmap layer (you can change an art layer to bitmap/vector in the layer settings), but the tools are not as good as they are for the vector ones.

Figured it out. So pleased was I that I made a tutorial for it:

Very cool, Mike! Just a note, as you might know, on the last version of Harmony you can create textured vector brushes similarly to bitmap brushes, so, if you prefer, you can work on a vector layer. In this case, you can import the same 3x3 image into a Textured Vector brush type. The end result should be the same, and since it’s a textured vector, file sizes are probably similar, but there’s the advantage with vector that the colours are indexed to your palette so you can change them on the fly if necessary instead or repainting.

Hi Icanau - thanks for the suggestions. Wow, that would have been cool. Unfortunately the fills don’t work well:


Lines work well, but vector fills kind of break it. Tried creating a layer with vector line and bitmap colour layer, but can’t create colour lines on raster layer from vector line layer.


I see, that doesn’t work. You could have a very convoluted solution, like separating Colour-Art and Line-Art and use a Matte-Resize module under Colour-Art and increase the matte some 0.3 or 0.4. But I guess using bitmap is just more practical.