Solution for being unable to add a camera

I was working on a file and after awhile I wanted to add a camera with a peg so I could animate it. I added a camera but it didn’t show up in the timeline. I thought I had done something wrong so added another and the same thing happened! So I looked at the network and, sure enough, they were both there, camera-1 and camera-2–but they didn’t show up in the timeline.

So I started hunting to see if I had another camera accidentally buried inside one of my character groups. Sure enough it was inside one of the groups–I don’t know how this happened. In any case, I saved my file in case anything went wrong and deleted it. My scene was unchanged.

Then I added a camera which appeared in the timeline and added a peg and all was well. For awhile there I wondered if I had inadvertently disabled some “Show/Hide cameras” function.