solo's latest version?

It isn’t practical to try to explain the fundamentals of making animation in this forum thread. I write about most of these things in my two blogs so I suggest you read those articles for some insight.

I certainly don’t want to discourage you or anyone else, in fact I try to do just the opposite and provide encouragement.

It doen’t really matter to me personally if you or anyone else wastes their time and financial resources on trying and buying every piece of interesting looking software they encounter. I am a friendly person who tries to freely share my knowledge and experience with others, so I offered you my opinion which is that you need to stop looking for “magic” solutions and get focused on the serious business of learning the craft you seem to want to practice. It is a wonderful craft and those who work at it like myself have a lot of fun and satisfaction in our efforts. There are much easier ways to make a living but this is not altogether a bad way either. But too many people think that because the finished product looks so simple that the creation process is also simple. They also believe that they can purchase success for the price of a software package. I just try to provide a helping hand and a voice of reasonable expectation as a counter balance. -JK

wow check it
i want to know what is the major advantage of using this kind of 3d camera view although these characters are not 3d we cannot rotate these characters all around the created environment …so whats great in it …and how it is better that studio camera movement !

where are all senior animators , man i need ur opinions , i have asked something here ;D wake up >:( :stuck_out_tongue:

Ugo ! please tell about this 3d camera movement of solo , i want to find real difference between studio & solo camera movement !

  1. as i originally said, i know nothing about solo.
    2. in studio you have the camera (or cameras) only pointing forward (no z-depth), although you can move them to any point in a x-y 2d plane.

thanks rob i understand …ok what is advantage of that z-depth !

I too do not know what Solo can do but z-depth can be used for some interesting 3D story boarding, fake 3d scene layouts etc.

Like in “Alais Motion builder” (follow the link and view “Evolving 2D images into a 3D Storyboard” for example).

Maybe Solo can do this?

bruxist ! i have watched that clip , u know SOLO is 2d programme and we makes 2d objects and elements in Solo , yes this kind of 3d camera movements are very useful in any kind of 3d environment which consits of 3d models…but again my question is same what is impossible in studio and what is advance camera movement in SOlo … :slight_smile:

…Surely even in TB Studio we are utilizing z-depth when we place elements at different depths/distances using the ‘Top Camera View’?
In the Alias Motionbuilder link I was trying to show that 2D objects (planes) can fake 3D scenery (you asked what are the advantages…).
I think it is a clever use of 2D animation ‘with depth’ (no 3D objects exist) but I agree, it’s not traditional cel animation.

in studio the camera is a 2d-plane coordinates, then the whole plane moves as you do the camera dolly. it’s apparently a z-direction, but only when you move the ‘camera stand’, so to say.

a 3d-camera has the z-direction additionally to the xy-coordinates, where you can rotate it not only up/down (y-direction) and left/right (x-direction), but also in depth, being able to see the drawings from behind, like you see in the solo camera film.

Hi Awais,

Sorry for the late reply again. The thing that is shown in the video you have posted it the free view inside Solo. This is mainly to visualize the display of the elements in the scene and unfortunately cannot be used as a rendering camera. If you look closely at about second 20 of the video you will see that the camera is actually shown in the scene (green element on the left of the scene when they are turning around). The actual camera is pretty much the same in Toon Boom Studio and Toon Boom Solo. It is possible to do any movement to it but so far no rotation is allowed on that camera.

I won’t really explain the camera movement in Studio since gester and bruxist seemed to have covered that part already.

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