solo's latest version?

what is currently available solo version?

Hi Awais,

I hope i am not sounding rude if i say that maybe you would get a more prompt answer if you posted this in the Solo forum.

I wish i could afford Solo…

lol yeah ur right but i think mostly pplz visit this forum therefore maximum possibility of getting quick responce is here :smiley:

i don’t know anything 'bout solo, apart from the fact that it exists.
is this response quick enough? :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha! that’s true guys! Studio seems to be the most active forum :slight_smile:

lolz very funny :smiley:

Hi again,

I was wondering, maybe you could request the latest demo version?

i have tried version 1.1 :wink: therefore i am trying to get more info about solo versions and i have posted in other forum too;action=display;threadid=140;start=0#msg420

is studio already not good enough for your advanced animation projects? ::slight_smile:

Rob, asking questions and trying new things is how most people learn. We are all here to be helpful and be supportive and not judgemental. There is nothing wrong with a novice Studio user considering crossgrading to Solo. In fact, because Solo is set up differently from Studio there is not a lot of benefit to being expert in using Studio before switching because there is a whole new learning curve to mastering Solo which is more like Opus than Studio. Just because Solo is more expensive to own doesn’t mean it is not appropriate for new users particularly if they need the additional application functionality that is included in the Solo software. -JK

jk, should i always put a smiley behind my slightly sarcastic answers? :wink:
ok, i promise this for the future :slight_smile: btw, the life is not always about being serious, even in a software forum.

I’m curious about the trial of Solo. How limited is it to ‘test’?

I admit i havent gone full circle with Studio yet - not by a long shot! But, I am interested for a hands on judgement and to see what i am missing.

How is it Awais?

I would be kind of cool to have like a 1 year license thing to play with.


why is toon boom team not responding me ;D have i asked any wrong question here !
@rob : if u get the opportunity to drive mercedes, i think u should fully try to get advantage from it , what do u think am i right ;D
@patmals :currently i cannot comment about Solo because i have not fully explored it yet but it looks a little bit difficult to me as compare to studio :wink:

if you can afford solo, then lucky you. surely it’s finer to drive a mercedes or a maserati than a common brand car.

i only think it’s better to be fully productive with studio than to use solo for learning and experiments only. i dunno your goals in the animation industry, but i assume it’s not the way you make your living, right?

yes its true i am just beginner of studio and i strongly agree with u that i should first become expert of studio before moving towards solo …but the problem is that i am working without sketcher/cartoonist and i am not good in this field but i am trying to learn some basics of animation…i think glue and morphing features will help me alot …what do u think ?

I think you are looking for “magic” solutions instead of focusing on learning basic fundamentals of animation. Basic animation fundamentals can be learned using just the exposure sheet in TBS and the brush tool for drawing. You will never achieve the results you keep saying you admire if you continue trying to learn animation using short cut methods before you learn the basics that those methods are designed to shorten. Your curiousity is wonderful and your motivation is admirable but your approach is flawed. Animation is a craft that must be learned progressively starting with basic fundamentals. If you can’t draw you should learn to draw first. Without drawing skills you are better off buying a DV camera and just learning to make live action movies. Start learning to animate “stick” figures if you must but learn the basics without the short cut tools, then once you master the fundamentals and learn to draw you can begin to use those aids. Otherwise you are going to end up sad and frustrated and own a lot of software with which you can do nothing. I’m not being critical, this is just good advice. -JK

regarding everything jk said, if you are able to afford solo and you want to pursue your animation career, i would start with the better software, though.

but not to have the program doing things for you, but to learn the features of a better tool, and maybe to do great productions in the future.
and i didn’t say ‘first learn studio, then maybe solo’. if it’s possible for you to start with solo, then go for it.

Hi Awais,

Sorry for not being able to reply to you any sooner, as you would have guessed there are still plenty of stuff to do related to the release of Toon Boom Studio v3.5.

To comment on your latest reply, having knowledge in Glue and IK might seem to be a great assest but not all studio work with those tool. JK and gester might have said that plenty of times, but for the tools to be of any use you need to have some basic in animation, to understand movement and dynamics.

In any case, keep up the good work, and remember that things don’t necessarily need to look great to be well animated.

Best regards,


Thanks guys, i will stick the tools i have in my supply for now :slight_smile:

@ Jk lolz …man ur few comments made me hopeless , ok tell me what r the basic things which i have to know before transferring my tool of animation and please tell me i am so much confused about it that what kind of animation i can do by just using exposure sheet and brush tool ::)and how that mostly discussed cut out animation method could be done by just using exposure sheet and brush …please eexplain to me ???and please dont forget to mention me some basic fundamentals which u r talking about :-<br />in the end thanksalot for ur all suggestions yeah soon i will check DV camera too … thank u for ur advice , i really appreciate it ;D