Solid outline but transparent fill rigging

So i have this character that i want to rig, his outline is solid but his fill is transparent. Is there a way that the fill wont overlap another fill from another part of the rig? Because i put some joints and some of it has lineart and a transparent fill. I tried auto-patch, seperating the lineart and colour-art but the color-art is overlapping.

I also tried doing the transparency node (because i just lowered the alpha for the fill and used auto-patch on the first try).

Any suggestions? Thank you.

need a bunch of screenshots to understand. let’s see your node layout, your canvas, etc.

probably going to need to do some drawing layer separations via layer select node and pipe that through some cutters or other compositing pipelines.

Yep, say you have two parts of an arm, upper arm and lower arm. You then have 2 layer selectors for each arm part, line art and colour art. Colours of each cut out the line art of each. Line art from each is then put through it’s own line composite. Colour art from each goes through a separate Colour Composite set to Bitmap. No patch needed. Colour composite then goes through transparency node, then down to final composite, line art comp goes down to final composite.

i’ll send some screenshots as soon as i get home from work :slight_smile:

ohh okay thank you! i think i understand, i’ll do it asap after work! :slight_smile:

sorry for the late reply! monkeyface’s suggest worked. Thank you for considering! I really appreciate it :slight_smile:

Hey Meelios,

Everyone has good contributions. I made a little system here to split the line from the colour. Nothing happens inside the character, you’ll see the two strings coming into the comp are the line and colour treatment.

Hope this helps!