Software Upgrade Suggestions/Feature Requests for Harmony -Part 2

Software Upgrade Suggestions/Feature Requests for Harmony -Part 2:

Drawing window:

  1. “Easy flipping” toolbar doesn’t play only Keyframes/Breakdowns,
    when selecting “only Keyframes/Breakdowns” in the “Flip” toolbar.
  2. In “Onion Skinning”, combine “By Frames” (range) with “By Drawings” (keyframes/Breakdowns)
    (allow onion skinning only marked drawings in a certain frame range)

In Node View:

  1. In the “Navigator” corner square, allow 1 click to center the view on the click area.
  2. New nodes added from the timeline should appear in the center of the current view.

Vector <> Bitmap:

  1. Allow converting Vector drawings to Bitmap (for drawings made in Harmony or imported)
  2. Allow converting Bitmap drawings made in Harmony, to Vector
    (currently only possible while importing external bitmap drawings)

In “Guides” window: Add A Perspective Guide with horizontal lines,
distance between lines changing in increments according to their “depth”,
-Best to make a guide that combines both diagonal and horizontal depth/perspective lines!

IK: Angle constraints not working well!
Instead of blocking the movement of joints beyond the set angle, the joint jumps and result in chaotic movement.

Importing drawings with Optical Registration, Doesn’t work well (and still used by Students):

  1. Improve Pegbar holes recognition by manually marking their location (like in TVPaint)
  2. Allow Pegbar holes to be on the top of imported drawings (currently must be at the bottom)
  3. Allow “non perfect” peg holes (when the paper is a bit crumpled) to still be recognized.

*Allow to “record” a mouse movement! (animating a movement according to a real time movement of the mouse on the screen)

Hi dodbrmn,

Thanks again for a very big list of feature and improvements for Harmony. I will log these in our database.

If I understand correctly what you are asking, I think this one is already possible:

“1. Allow converting Vector drawings to Bitmap (for drawings made in Harmony or imported)”

Though a bit obscure, there is a command called “Convert Drawings to Match Art Layer Type” that is available when you right click a layer in the left part of the Timeline. You can convert vector drawings to bitmap by changing their Art Layer type in the layer properties and using this command.

Let me know if that helps.