Software Update Plans?

Hi there.

I was wondering if there are any plans to release updates to TBS 4 (or if there are any already) that will focus on bug fixes?

On the whole I am very happy with TBS4, but I still encounter quite a few bugs (more than I expect from a professional product that cost a few hundred dollars)… such as the program crashing when closing projects, windows displaying in funny places (that I can’t get rid of), unexpectedly large swf export sizes (compared to flash), etc.

I am using TBS4 on a G5 imac OS 10.4.11

Cheers - Ben.


We should be releasing a patch to adjust the software for Leopard shortly. This being said if you encounter specific bug make sure to send them to use and add your e-mail address to the bug report so we can do a follow up and get to the bottom of this.

Best regards,