Software lag

Hello, I’m using Toon Boom Storyboard 1.5 (V 8.6.1 4709 Service Pack 1) and I’m feeling the software a bit lag. I’m using a 2009 iMac and I had no lag issues whatsover when working in Animate… but I’ve just started a new storyboard project and it’s getting annoying. When using the select tool, I select a stroke, wait for the cursor to change i.e. rotate icon, and then be able to rotate it as I wish. Why is it taking so long to change icon? I could do this without any wait at Animate.

I had not used storyboard more than a year ago, but it is most probable that that lag issue was still there. I’ve updated to LION OSX, my graphics card is NVIDIA GeForce 9400 256 MB. The software is not lag per se, the lag issue is only with the select tool, I select some strokes, I have to wait and hover over the selection until it finally changes icon to transform it (rotate, scale, skew). Now that I noticed, if I do this with the mouse, the issue doesn’t exist; it only happens when I’m using my tablet. I’m currently using a Cintiq 21 UX.

Hmm Mac graphic card updates are done automatically; I’ve uninstalled the tablet drivers and installed them again, no success… I will now contact support, thanks.

Have you been able to work up until now without issues? Or did you just start working with Storyboard?

Did anything change in your configuration?

What’s the graphics card in your iMac? What operating system?


Hmm okay so then the change is the upgrade to Lion. With your tablet, did you try deleting and re-installing your tablet drivers? I’m not sure how it works on Mac but are there updated drivers to install for your graphics card as well?

If this doesn’t help at all, contact