Software for simple 2D animation

I want to create 2D animation videos similar to the following…

Can you tell me what software and hardware I should consider and if there are any tips or tutorials that will help speed up any learning curve?


Even though it’s probably bad taste to promote a competitor (sorry) on the toonboom forums, I’d recommend Adobe Flash CS3 (CS4 and CS5 have relatively useless additions for beginners)

The volumes of easy-to-follow tutorials and new people learning to animate in Flash each week on creates a great place to start learning to animate.

Though I’ve only used Animate Pro 2 and Harmony of the Toonboom products; the number of ways to mess up careful plans is too numerous to be both friendly to beginners, and efficient while learning.

Get Toon Boom Studio, Kate. The clip you mention is frame by frame animation and Toon Boom has the best software for that. There are tutorials on the Toon Boom site and elsewhere on the net. You should also get some sort of video editing software to put all the scenes together. That’s what I’d do.

Anime Studio is good for learning and only Toon Boom is for Professional.
i dont work for TB nor AS just a user. i reco to learn with toon boom but it a very hard software to use if you dont know what you are doing thats why Anime Studio is for fun and Toon boom is for WORK.

well, if you’re planning to do a frame by frame, then which software you will use shouldn’t be your determining factor. given you will be drawing each frame, any software can do the job, the extra stuff are pretty much available in all softwares (copy paste, onion skin, color palettes, morphing etc).
it comes down to this: would you be willing to pay that much for Harmony or ToonBoom Animate Pro only to use it for frame by frame while Flash and ToonBoom Studio come cheaper and do pretty much the same job?

I’d definitely say Toon Boom Studio or Toon Boom Animate. There are loads of video tutorials to help you get started and I think you’ll find you have a lot easier time picking up one of those products than picking up Photoshop or Flash, which aren’t really very intuitive for animation (imho).


Well that’s why we also have a whole range of products, all the way from the most simple application that 5-year olds can use, right the way to professional. If you’re looking for just plain fun, or home-user driven, then Toon Boom Studio is the way to go. Then above that they are all professional products.