Software advice for young daughter...

Hello everyone, I have an 11 year old daughter that wants to start animating anime. She is taking a 2 week long digital animation class in St. Louis this summer at a learning center there. The class that she is taking is exclusively for her age group. The class that she is taking will be using Toon Boom. She has a Yiynova 19" drawing tablet in which I recently purchased Manga Studio 5 EX for. I haven’t purchased any animation software. I am very green and don’t realy understand how all of this works. I had planned to purchase Manga Studio then Animation Studio. Now that I have found out about this class and their use of the Toon Boom software, I was thinking that it would be a good idea to get Toon Boom. My question is, can Manga Studio be used with Toon Boom? Is there a need for the Manga Studio if she has Toon Boom? I have no knowledge of how the software works so I apologize for my ignorance.

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I think it is $99? $149


Toon Boom Studio, Animate, Animate Pro and Harmony are based off of traditional animating techniques. They have all of the freehand drawing capability built in. Manga Studio could be used to create the art and a Toon Boom product could animate it. Manga Studio can create sophisticated comic art that would be suitable for background and environmental art but difficult to animate if the same degree of complexity were applied to characters. Generally, animated characters are relatively simplified. When starting out it would be advantageous to keep the art simple including backgrounds. You could use Manga Studio to create simple drawings of course but it is not necessary as there are decent drawing tools in all of the Toon Boom products. There is a trade off using two separate programs as well. The art created within Toon Boom has a degree of code that utilizes features in the software that is useful which would not be available using imported art. If you meant Anime Studio when you said Animation Studio, at least up to version 10 (I have not followed it) had some cool features for animating but it was inadequate as a freehand drawing tool. You would be forced to use two separate programs. The most important thing is to cultivate the spark within your daughter. See how she feels during and after the class. If she likes working with Toon Boom (whichever product they use in the class) each one from Studio on up to Harmony share a similar approach. I personally believe Animate and Animate Pro are worth jumping up to.