Softening the edges of a glow

I can’t seem to soften the edges of the glow effect I made
in TB Animate. Any advice?

Hmmm… I presume you made the layer to be affected a child of the Glow-effect ?
And the Glow-effect is enabled in the Timeline ?

Open the Layer Properties of the Glow-effect, Try Blur Type: Radial / Radius: 20 /
Check: Use Source Colour… Switch to Render View to see the effect…


It didn’t work.
But I may have done something else wrong creating the glow –
I just sort of figured it out myself.
I’ll look for a tutorial to help. :slight_smile:

You indeed need to set the Radius for the blur. Remember that you won’t see it in OpenGL, you’ll need to pop that frame off for a render by clicking the blue Render View flower to check the effect.