Soften bone effect

I’ve been playing with the tbs6 trial and I was wondering if is there a way to make bones effect softer, like having bones bend stuff in a more curvy way instead of a hard angle.

The best way is to create a chain of parents and children. As long as the child is connected to the parent, the joint will be rounded when it is bent.

I have tried many ways but I still can’t seem to smooth the effect:
Here is an image of how it looks always
No matter how I set the influences or the hierarchy it always seems to deform the line in the same way
What i’d like to do is like when in a 3d app you smooht the weightmaps so the deformation is mre curved. For example to use for a long neck or a tail

Smoothing the bend is not possible in Toon Boom Studio. A solution for a long neck or tail would be to add many small bones. This will allow you to create a smoother curve.