Soft Tip and Morphing

Heya all –

I just want to confirm with anyone else – anyone out there able to morph a line that has a soft tip? It’s not working for me…

Thanks for any confirmation!


I just checked out the documentation, and in ALL CAPS it says this isn’t supported.



Okay, I’m looking for a workaround. The issue I have is the character design I’m working with is a cowboy, and he has a dotted line seam down the length of his chaps.

The client is looking for a real soft, morph-style animation for the chaps. I was using a pencil texture for the seam, but it doesn’t work with morphing.

One workaround I was looking at was to use a Colour Override node. Is there any documentation on all of the various Colour Override “Modes”, or does anyone know how to use Colour Override to dynamically add a texture to an existing pencil line?



Got it. I’m using “Texture - original matrix” mode with a PSD texture file.

Interesting post! I’m curious why you didn’t try using the deformer tool for this?

I did, but it wasn’t getting the results the client wanted. Even with a Curve deformer with a Scale Deformer envelope we couldn’t get the extreme volume and silhouette changes they were looking for. We tried!

I’m glad you got it to work!