soft edge eraser function request

Hi lilley - a function request . one i’m sure you would like too . A soft edged eraser . ie if you choose the airbrush preset brush and select eraser it should erase with the same setting as the preset you have selected . it can’t be that hard a function to implement . PS has been doing it for decades. thanks dean( as an add on to that when will pens get pressure sensitivity? . We have width sensitivity but we don’t have pen mark pressure sensitivity . once this function is available we can draw with a pencil look . then we can draw lightly in rough and apply more pressure to darken the line - just like a real pencil . Also as PS has it )

Well PS is a bitmap software, so it’s easier for them to deal with issues like variation in opacity, because once you lay down the line, that’s it.

We’re working on the opacity pressure support, it’s under investigation at the moment. I’ve submitted the soft eraser as a feature request.