So what's with the new tutorial videos? I'm a bit confused.

I heard there were some new official begginer’s tutorial videos out now, which I’d counting the seconds to, but what I’ve seen advertised so far is this pretty in-depth looking “Version 3 Cut-Out Tutorial”. I mean, this “cut-out animation” or whatever sounds important in simple animation, but it doesn’t seem like a very broad element of animating in Toon Boom as a whole. These “pegs” that the new tutorials seem to be talking about I know are crucial to basic animation in TBS, but it only seems like one little thing…

I was given the impression that these tutorial videos were actually going to teach the essentials. I’m such a visual learner that I have a hard time understanding the basics that are described in the help menu. Sceneplanning, backgrounds, special effects, implementing sound and music, ; I thought simple things like this were going to be included in the new video tutorials. If those aspects of Toon Boom are so basic that I’d be a fool not to know how to deal with them after scanning the help menu then someone please tell me, because that may be the case.

Can someone explain to me what exactly the new tutorial videos are?

i know, steve ryan’s tutorials may be a bit updated, but the version 3.0 is not that revolutionary one can’t learn from those old tutorials, too. new features may have come, but i find myself sometimes coming across them in a few months’ time, if ever. not everything new is to be used in the instant…cheers,rob

I think you actually mean “dated” rob, not “updated” :PAs for the videos i dont really know, but to learn the basics maybe its easier just to “learn by doing” as they say. Mess around with the software and ull get to grips with the basics…at least thats what i did,Chris.

@chrisooops, i lost a part of the phrase under way ;)rob

Good dayI have heard references before to the tutorials that “Steve” made but have been unable to find them as the website seems to be gone. Does anyone know a new address?

[url=] and kicking ;)cheers,rob

Thank you very much and if you happen to know any moe resources available for TBS v3 other than what is on the site I would sure appreciate knowing. Once again thanks for the snowy north.